Richard Armitage is Not a Total Loser

I expected that Richard Armitage would not win the Critics’ Choice Award for Best Guest Actor. Sure, I hoped there would be a fluke upset, but the field was very competitive, including the marvelous Margo Martindale and Patti LuPone.  Just check out their screen and stage credits to see the breadth of their award winning histories. (Martindale was terrific in The Good Wife, though in some ways, she more or less played Margo Martindale), and I confess to never watching Penny Dreadful.

And yes, it seems to be true, as those who watched the show know, and Amazing Grace, @Rashisama reported, that particular award was given out during the red carpet and not during the televised awards in the ballroom ( a shame for all those nominees, I think).

But – here’s why Richard Armitage was a winner.

First, this year the Critics’ Choice Awards combined TV and Film awards in one broadcast, which most likely increased viewership, as did the fact that it was televised on A & E ( and some of  it’s affiliated networks), rather than on The CW.

Last year, the broadcast of the awards on the CW network garnered the highest ever audience viewership in its eight year history, with 1.96 million watching. The stats for this year’s combined award, on a more accessible network, should be higher.

This year, The Critics’ Choice Awards Twitter account had the top Nielsen Twitter TV ratings of any account, with 3,766 unique impression tweets and 16,421 general impressions ( tweets mentioning the awards) See here for details.

Yes, it would have been better if Richard Armitage or his category were mentioned in more of those tweets, and yes, he would have gotten more exposure if the awards were given out during the main show so that millions could see his photo and hear his name, ( which I understand was pronounced correctly, for once),  and sure, it would have been better had he achieved an upset, but yet, there is no getting away from it – the exposure for him over the period that the nominees were announced and last night, when the awards were bestowed, is nothing to scoff at.

And the nomination alone, in such a strong field, brought his name to millions of TV lovers, who might not have known much about him before, not to mention industry folks who might take a second look.

Am I  making lemonade out of lemons? I don’t think so. All in all,  I would say that Richard Armitage was a big winner and he made a winning decision by taking the role of Francis Dolarhyde. And hey, we have the Fangoria awards to look forward to.


9 thoughts on “Richard Armitage is Not a Total Loser

  1. I tend to agree with you on all counts. I did not expect him to win, and on top of all your other arguments, Hannibal was not a particularly popular show. (Hugh Dancy didn’t win either.) So, even being on an American TV show that was considered a high-quality production was a big boost for Richard’s career, and then to do so well in the role and be honored with this nomination is significant. And you make good point that, while not the Oscars, this is pretty good visibility. Perhaps he will have other Hannibal nominations ahead (Saturn, maybe?).


    • I agree, it was an honor for Richard and thrilling for us that he received the nomination. It is always nice to see Richard get the recognition he deserves, especially Stateside. There is an RA drought here!


  2. I hope Saturn and some others. Either way, we agree – great visibility. Could’ve been better if the awards were during the main show – 100 times better ( did they show clips for nominees?), but still, all considered, not a bad thing.


    • For me, the lemonade made from this show was weak and watery. Was it better than nothing ? Sure, if there is nothing else to drink . I am not complaining about his being nominated. He deserved it and it certainly can’t hurt his career. But the way his category was presented and announced could not have been more perfunctory. The list of nominees was presented by the anonymous video announcer. Forget the clips, there were not even photos accompanying the actors’ names. The whole presentation took maybe two minutes, tops. I agree, not a bad thing to be nominated. I suppose I am frustrated at how little time and attention was given to this category. As for literal visibility, there was zero.


  3. Well the nomination was a very good thing so that is certainly positive for a part which was not in a mainstream series anyway. I think he’s done very well and you know baby steps and all that, it’s all good exposure for him.

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