I’ve said this before, but not to you

So many times I would be on the phone with a client or another lawyer when he or she would say, ask or posit something about strategy or tactics, and I would be very quiet for a longish time. Nothing. Nada. No answer. Dead air.

him/her     “Are you still there?”

me                “Yes. I’m thinking. That’s part of what I get paid for.


I’m still here. I’m thinking.

Thinking about Sleepwalker.

Also, worrying a little, about that and other things.

I spent over an hour figuring out how I’ll watch Berlin Station on EPIX with the platforms available to me in Mexico. I figured I had 9 or 10 months to work it out, but  I needed to know there were some feasible options out there. There are, so I’ll figure the rest out later.

I was worrying about how/where to get the Third Season of Hannibal with extras, but that is resolved! Either I’ll have Amazon deliver it to my hotel in Las Vegas ( next week) or I will ask my very first visitor to Mexico to bring it with.

But the status of Sleepwalker is bugging me.

Here’s a super favorite photo.

Screen Shot 2016-01-06 at 9.58.18 PM


9 thoughts on “I’ve said this before, but not to you

    • Do you mean Sleepwalker? The release in Mexico is definitely a question, but the release in general, or lack of info, is beginning to worry me. I looked more closely at the production companies and the creative staff ( aside from Lester) and neither is as notable as I first thought. I’ll be posting thoe info later, but the situation seems completely different from Elliott Lester’s Nightingale, which was financed in part by Brad Pitts’s Plan B company. So, I am wondering whether they are having distribution issues. I hope not. As to seeing it in Mexico, only time will tell if it gets that far, or if I can get to it, should it be shown here. The release date was scheduled for 2015. I would have though that with Lester’s brilliant success with Nightingale, he’s have an easier time, but I think he was just hired as director for Sleepwalker, so it’s out of his hands. After learning about distribution from UATSC experience, I’m a little concerned. On the bright side – Pilgrimage seems to have nailed distribution contracts.


    • My answer was eaten up. It was due to be released in 12015 and is long finished. I checked more closely about the production companies and was unimpressed with the number and artistry of the films they produced. So I am wondering whether there is a distributor. Despite Elliott Lester’s great success with Nightingale, the situation is different, since it was financed in part by Brad Pitt’s company, Plan B and others. Also, I think Elliott Lester found that script. For Sleepwalker, I think, but I may be wrong, that he was just hired as director.


  1. Sleepwalker would be an interesting discussion topic. As I recall, the path for Nightingale was that it went to one or more festivals, and after that Brad Pitt picked it up for HBO. So presumably it was picked up because it was a good film, although I’m sure it helped that David Oyelowo was recently starring in another high-profile film. I suspect you are correct that, like Urban, Sleepwalker has not yet found a distributor. Pilgrimage and Brain on Fire seem to have already crossed that hurdle, so we just need to wait for them to be released.


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