Richard Armitage New Audible Interview

I think some fans we know had their questions answered.

So, Richard Armitage played Uriah Heep in Drama School. I can see it.

He isn’t going to listen to David Copperfield. (Lucky), but he does say he listens to audiobooks.

2 thoughts on “Richard Armitage New Audible Interview

  1. I’m not much of a fan of Charles Dickens for the most part – although I still love the movie version of A Christmas Carol, only when Alastair Sim played Scrooge! – but you can bet your boots I’m going to listen to David Copperfield! In fact I have already pre-ordered it from Audible.

    I found his answers very interesting and got very excited to see that I “know” some of the people who Tweeted the questions!!! I’d love to hear him say my name (or better still my RL name) 😉


    • I didn’t like the film, A Christmas Carol, but my mother always enjoyed it ( With Alastair Sim), so I watched it annually for a long time. I am dreading David Copperfield, and I know – the easy answer is to skip it, but that’s not possible for me.


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