Armitage Ennui (hibeRnAtion?)

Nine days since my last post. Longer if you ignore the pieces of news and look for something actually composed. My fellow bloggers are  making better efforts, but may seem to be experiencing some of the same.  JHolland  has, Servetus notes sometimes fans need a recharge, Kelly’s metioned the struggle and Guylty has commented on the quiet. There are other examples.

The lull in the fandom may be a cyclical event. In the past it was a let-down feeling after all the activity surrounding the release of a new movie in three past Decembers and Extended Editions in Novembers. This year maybe it’s related to the freneticism and side-issues attached to Urban and the Shed Crew – we saw and heard lots of live Richard Armitage, yet there was the frustration of so many of us who didn’t see his work.


This could be one of my Richard Armitage Recharges.

Thank our stars (or our star) for Berlin Station, set in stone with a wide release. TV is fine by me.

No doubt, the holiday season is a factor in regular bloggers’ distractions, and others of us are  in the middle of  other things. For me, it’s more home improvements, impending travel and work on my synagogue’s annual Jewish Film Festival –  procuring, viewing, culling, arguing over loads films with Jewish themes or creators with the goal of settling on  a series to be shown 9 Sundays in a row.

I’ve tried more than a few times to get up a post, just to find myself staring at a screen, or playing with a title. Like others, I wondered whether my fan girling is on the wane, but I don’t think so. I wondered whether my interest in blogging was on the wane, but I don’t think so. I yearn for that certain satisfaction when I hit publish, and I miss chatting and speculating  my commenters.

Lucas North is always a reliable recharge for me. John Porter often does the trick, and listening to Hamlet helps.

images (4)

This time, I went in a different direction. It’s a known phenomenon that the need to know all things Armitage, prods fans into other areas of interest, whether one rediscovers Arthur Miller, learns about finding an indie film distributor, studies mens fashion, delves into the history of monasteries and various orders – whatever it is – we learn about, teach ourselves other stuff, rare brain diseases, included.

I’ve frequently conceded I was never a Tolkien fan. I had to force myself to watch AUJ when I first became an Armitage fan. I saved it to the very end of what I could find of Richard Armitage’s work. I was mostly bored the first time ( I hadn’t yet read The Hobbit, but that bored me, too). But Thorin Oakenshield. All that changed after The Popcorn Taxi Interview and as Peter Jackson drew me in with his blogs and extras.

It wasn’t long before I was fully engaged in the excitement of Desolation of Smaug and my big screen experience was unforgettable.

So, over time I have dabbled in a little Tolkien.

 It took a year, and I finally watched The Lord of the Rings trilogy, but without the director’s extended edition and the extras, I knew I was getting half the story. I watched some documentaries on Tolkien and listened to some lectures.

But now, thanks to the Armitage connection, I am finally getting the whole story. I’ve begin listening to a wonderfully narrated, beautifully sung, unabridged audio book of the complete Lord of the Rings trilogy. And as I listen, I envision Peter Jackson’s Middle Earth. I’m in Bree right now, at The Prancing Pony.  Frodo is about to meet Strider, but what I’m imagining is a rainy night and a short, wet, shrouded figure making his way into the tavern.

Meanwhile, the fandom is in an ellipsis, waiting to see what’s at the end of the third dot.

Oh wait, there’s that holiday message coming down the pike. Here’s last year’s.



17 thoughts on “Armitage Ennui (hibeRnAtion?)

  1. it’s funny that you mention LOTR b/c I just started rereading it myself! I never really enjoyed reading The Hobbit but I can distinctly remember the first time I read the LOTR trilogy 🙂


    • This is a very good narration, except for a few voices which don’t recall the actors in the films – but his Gandalf, Bilbo and Sam are wonderful. I’ve been enjoying all the references to The Hobbit plot, and this time, unlike when I watched the films, the scene when they find Balin’s tomb had more meaning.


  2. Yeah, not sure what it is. Just seems really quiet at the moment, at least in blogworld. Has everyone decamped to Twitter? In my case, I started a new job in the summer and just find I have not got the time anymore to do as much on-blog as I used to. To some extent, I am grateful for the breather – it’s good to recalibrate every once in a while, put the ‘hobby’ into perspective, as well. From experience, I know that there are ups and downs in this activity, and there may be times again, when there is lots to talk about.
    Wishing you lots of luck with your little film festival – sounds great!

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  3. I’d been noticing the lull too. I think my blog is always kind of quiet this time of year as work and holiday commitments ramp up, but I agree…it’s very quiet.

    I suppose a certain cyclical ebb and flow is partly the source. No Hobbit PR juggernaut in motion…waiting to see a bunch of finished projects.

    I hope not everyone has “decamped” to Twitter. As entertaining as anxiously awaiting the next coveted Tweet is, I really miss the more in depth conversations on the blogs. (140 characters only go so far!)


  4. Reading LoTR was one of the great literary experiences of my childhood. I’ll never forget that meeting with Strider in the Prancing Pony!
    Agree with Obscura about finding blogs superior to Twitter. Yes, they take more effort, but they are much more satisfying.


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  6. I enjoyed reading LOTR way more than The Hobbit (which I only read just before the first movie came out). I hope you’ll have a fun ride with it!
    I hope 2016 will be filled with Armitage goodies – so much work he’s already done that still needs to be released!


    • True. There’s a whole list of work coming out. I just hope that somehow it will all be available to me, here in Mexico.
      I just finished listening to Lore of the Rings, and I enjoyed almost all of it. ( For some reason, the parts with Frodo, Sam and Golom never appealed to me, in the films or the book.). But overall, I think it’s a beautifully told story. About The Hobbit, I can’t say the same. I read it way after I saw the first film and was singularly unimpressed.

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  7. A lull? Oh, was that the week I only received 14 new e-mail notifications from RA-related blogs? Must be, because when things are really happening, I get upwards of 30 e-mails a day 😀

    Now, seriously.

    You guys – Perry, Guylty, RAfrenzy, Micra, Servetus and all the others I follow… you are quite amazing, you know? Together, you are a force! You’re the Reuters of the Armitagesphere. What you see as a lull is still a LOT of content! And I should know, because I give my thanks to the gods of fandom for you each day as I post your news, ideas and creations to our Armitage Army facebook page.

    Well, the lull will be over soon and again there will be so much great content I won’t know what to post first 😀

    I’m forever thankful for the enormous amount of work you put in the RA fandom with so much love. You make so many people happy. Thanks.


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