Bridget Cleary ( w/Richard Armitage) is Alive and Well

The film is scheduled for shooting in 2016, and co-stars Romola Garai. Romola Garai has appeared in a number of Shakespeare’s works on film, as well as in popular films, such as Suffragette, Atonement , Amazing Grace  and Dirt Dancing: Havana Nights (oh well), and in numerous TV miniseries, including The Hour.

Thanks to Guillermina Rivas and Micra for this info.

16 thoughts on “Bridget Cleary ( w/Richard Armitage) is Alive and Well

    • I can appreciate your feeling, but then, they didn’t go for an Irish actor for their star, either. (And anyway – I don’t think she’s in it for that long, based on the plot) I don’t know about the others in the cast, but I imagine there should be some Irish actors and actresses.


          • I forgot about that. I quite like him with his *real* accent, but yes, the familiar Irish lilt would be an interesting change. He’s made a few attempts at it (in jest) before when he took the mickey out of an interviewer during the Berlin DOS promo (“shopping t-H-rolley”) and “be-Jaysus’ed” Lady Anglophile in that first interview with her. Sounded good 😀.

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  1. I enjoyed Romola in Emma and Daniel Deronda during my watch-BBC-period-pieces era, which is when I also saw North and South. Jane Austen purists have criticized her Emma characterization because she makes too many faces and is slouchy, but I think that the director was trying to reach a modern audience. It is my favorite Emma — I also liked Jonny Lee Miller as Mr. Knightly. I also thought she was a convincing self-centered, elegant, tortured lady in Daniel Deronda (starring along with Hugh Dancy and Hugh Bonneville). I’ve never seen her in anything else. I’m sure she can be effective as a feisty and then sickly Bridget.


  2. Thanks for the credit. Though, to be fair, we should also thank Richard Armitage Central’s harrapsue for pointing me in the right direction :D.

    I assume Richard’s playing the husband. Still, he could surprise us. Isn’t he producing as well? Or might that be a different Irish project? I remember he said he was working on a pretty dark story and character for himself…



  3. I assume so, too – but then there was an Irish film mentioned in an interview with the information you cited, and I do recall he said something about producing – I just can’t recall if the two facts were tied into one another. Pilgrimage was also an Irish project. That may be the “other one.”


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