Hannibal S. 3 Deleted Scenes

Richard Armitage parts start at about 3:16


4 thoughts on “Hannibal S. 3 Deleted Scenes

  1. Nice extra scene at Francis’s house. I wonder when the scene at the funeral home would have been used Francis looked very smart. Francis was a damaged soul but as usual Richard worked his magic so that I was left wanting more, especially his voice.


    • That’s a good question, and I suppose that the director couldn’t figure it out either. There was next to nothing about FD’s background until Chilton did his fake analysis for the paper. That scene would really only give us a hint as to why he used his grandmother’s teeth, a fact which doesn’t get revealed until near the end – so I guess the scene was properly cut. Poor actress extra though – not a great part to begin with, and landed on the cutting room floor.


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