Thanksgiving Postscript

The meal I missed – laid out in the kitchen for eating in the dining room.


Description with email and photo: Turkey,Stuffing, Corn Pudding, Cherry glazed onions, Mashed Potatoes, Cranberry Sauce, Butternut Squash, Carrot Slaw, Brussels Sprouts, along with Apple and Pumpkin Pies. A Feast. Wish u were here. All the [Perrys]

What I always loved about my cousin’s Thanksgiving meals – the traditional, always, but with one or two variations.  I note that she apparently found her lost recipe for Asian Carrot slaw ( I prepared it one year, thought I would hate it, but found that the cold, acidity refreshingly cut through some of the heavier dishes. Then we couldn’t find the recipe again) Cherry glazed carrots are new. I see some fried sage leaves on the mashed potatoes ( we love those)  But, I also see that family pressure finally won out, and the turnips, which only Nanny Stell liked ( and made, and brought and ate) are at last, off the menu.


2 thoughts on “Thanksgiving Postscript

  1. She’s a fabulous cook. There’s another main ingredient in the slaw which I can’t recall. It’s carrot and something else, but not cabbage. The dressing has Asian flavors. Corn pudding was never on the menu when I was present.


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