Happy Thanksgiving! (From Mexico)

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My second Thanksgiving in Mexico, away from family and old friends.

It’s traditional here for most of the expats who don’t  go back north,  to take off for the beach for the week on ridiculously inexpensive vacations to Puerta Vallarta, Mazatlan or Nuevo Vallarta. But, with some other travel coming up for me, and more house improvements on the horizon, I passed.

I’ve “gone out” for Thanksgiving only a handful of times in my life, and this will be one of them. But, as long as I can get my Thanksgiving meal (generally, turkey is inexplicably difficult to get here, and very expensive all things considered),and spend the morning with the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade in the background – I’m good.

Have a Happy Thanksgiving to all who celebrate!





15 thoughts on “Happy Thanksgiving! (From Mexico)

  1. Happy Thanksgiving from California. My husband has gone overboard and is cooking two turkeys, one in a smoker and one on bbq rotisserie. For four people. Como se dice “epic leftovers” en Espanol ?


    • Oh, I did have turkey. The restaurant featured the whole traditional meal,and it was wonderful. Turkeys are here – they just have to be ordered in advance and are expensive. Last Christmas, a 20 lb turkey cost $80 – which seems like a lot. Roast turkey breast was always one of my go-to sandwiches, but there’s no place to get that here – just turkey roll, which is awful here, there and everywhere. It’s very strange, because the supermarkets sell turkey everything ( ham, franks, meatballs, sausage).

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