Audible and Armitage: A Holiday Treat for Fans?

Wow, I am loving how he looks in this photo.


33 thoughts on “Audible and Armitage: A Holiday Treat for Fans?

  1. I like his connection with Audible. He gets to do a little work wherever he is, and then there is more of his work out there to appreciate. And it is obviously good for Audible too.

    And yes, I think the way he is going to look in Berlin Station, plus the excellent cast, is exciting. This could be an amazing project.


  2. Doesn’t he look wonderful? Yet another “Richard” narration/performance to look forward to and add to my Audible library. To my way of thinking no-one does them better. I listen to his voice every night as I go to sleep. Comforting somehow, no matter how many times I listen to them.


    • The field is too wide to guess, but I don’t think he has mentioned that many fvorite authors, and then one has to boil them down to whether they wrote and published short stories. admit I am not a fan of short stories – a huge generalization, as there are exceptions, but by and large, I don’t care for the genre.


      • He has mentioned the play The Cherry Orchard a few times and Chekhov has written many short stories.
        If not, I hope he does The Metamorphosis by Franz Kafka. That short story always reminds me of The Red Dragon and Francis Dolarhyde.


  3. Ok, here’s another possibility, Fyodor Dostoyevsky. He wrote Crime and Punishment and The Double.
    Maybe, he can read Notes from Underground.


  4. I don’t know if he wrote short stories. I was also thinking of Isaac Asimov? We could through hundreds of authors wondering. One issue for me is whether the author is truly a favorite of his.


    • I believe Tolkien did. It surprised me that Tolkien’s name came up when I googled ‘novelists’, and when I looked in wikipedia, it would seem he did author a few minor works.
      Would RA write ‘favourite’ if it wasn’t? But one can have many favourites if one cannot choose, I suppose.


      • I think we also need to consider the commercial viability. But I wonder whether this may be a freebee from Audible to lure some new customers to David Copperfield and previously released Hamlet A Novel..


        • Hmm, could be. Though it seems the message is to RA’s fans rather can to a more wider audience. Well, I’m not saying that RA’s fanbase isn’t big ;-), but we’ve just witnessed the award for Hamlet, and newcomers to the fandom would have seen it.
          Don’t know about DC; it’s been a while…When is it out, I wonder.


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