@RCArmitage – What Bigger Wheels You Have

That bit of graffiti probably already has been identified, but thanks to Guylty Pleasure for telling me it was part of The Berlin Wall, preserved in a museum for a bit.

14 thoughts on “@RCArmitage – What Bigger Wheels You Have

  1. I’m quite certain that this is about two blocks away from the street I used to live until four and a half years ago. ^^ As far as I know this building is a commercial (my former hairdresser is there) and office building, so I’m a bit surprised to find a section of the Berlin Wall where a huge block of stone used to be. This is btw just the middle part of Gerhar Lahr’s “Berlyn” (http://www.gewuerzshop.de/ESG/IMAG-GAL-B750/0330-B10.jpg) and since I haven’t been at the East Side Gallery for ages, I wonder what happend to the rest of it (construction works have been going on there for a couple of years now; you might remember the controversy about it).

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      • I don’t know if it was manipulated, but it’s not the same graffiti. If you look carefully there are many differences between the two pics, beginning with the big red dot above the Y of Berlyn and the barbed wire. Also, the “font” of letters is different 😉

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