Rosiepig on Urban and the Shed Crew and her fan experience in Leeds

#ShareUrban bears more fruit. Delightful recounting of the afternoon at Leeds with Mother and Daughter.

Me + Richard Armitage

[Remember our fellow Richard Armitage fan, Rosiepig? She was among the audience this weekend in Leeds and delivers her own unique and well-written report. At the end of her message, she said, “Do you want to see some pictures?” Damn straight, Rosiepig.]


From her message:

I was lucky enough to see Urban and the Shed Crew with my thirteen-year-old daughter, having managed to get tickets for the Sunday showing at the Hyde Park Picture House.

We live about 150 miles away from Leeds so my cunning plan was to leave home at about 6.30am giving us plenty of time to get there.  Alarm on my phone was set for 5.45, time for a quick shower and then off. I am rubbish if I know I have to be up earlier than usual. I planned on going to bed early but was still there at 11.30 turning up…

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