German Article about Berlin Station – Filming Starts Next Week

Shooting starts next week and runs through April.
Thanks to Micra for the link

14 thoughts on “German Article about Berlin Station – Filming Starts Next Week

    • Butting in, it’s the very normal time to shoot 10 episodes of a series 🙂 takes 20-25 weeks on average if it includes location and studio shoots. For contemporary drama that is, if period it could be longer or rather cost more due to special props and costumes and make up. But the writer is good and that is much more important. And seems they have a good main character too, promising young talent i hear.

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        • definitely, it is not a daily soap, that’s for sure 😉 i’d like to know their budget and don’t think that is public info, then i could tell better 🙂 to give you a vague idea contemporary stuff if decent and with stunts which i imagine this is around 500k+/ ep (if many stunts and such and outside shots in an expensive city – ie permissions, cars wrecked etc can be up to £1m /ep) period drama would be more say 800k/ep but not much more if no fancy locations and less stunts. I estimate this should be around 1m£/ep at least


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