Empty Seats at ChaplelFM?

It looks like there were some no shows at the Urban screening, based on this photo. What a shame for those fans who couldn’t get tickets. 2Xin2id



5 thoughts on “Empty Seats at ChaplelFM?

  1. There were only some empty seats are the very side, from where you wouldn’t really see the screen. What looks like an empty row half way up is where Richard, Candida and Bernard etc were sitting throughout the screening.

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  2. Wow, looking at that picture it really hits home what a small intimate venue this really was. It didn’t feel quite like that from the inside. (I was in the second row.)


      • 😎😍 TBH I only saw fellow fans there, nobody looked sufficiently business-like (or “unaffected”) to me. There was a good bit of local interest, especially at the screening on Sunday, whereas the Saturday screening I attended seemed to be fan-dominated.


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