BBC Look North Video and Interview About Urban and the Shed Crew

Thanks to RANetdotcom


6 thoughts on “BBC Look North Video and Interview About Urban and the Shed Crew

  1. This was interesting. Candida and the interviewer said something about using children in care as some of the actors. Did I hear that correctly? The first showing is coming up in the next hour, and I’m looking forward to reading reviews.


  2. I picked up on that, too. Now, there was a new fact that might have been interesting to know earlier. I have a few people who have offered to comment or review here, but I think those will come a little later, if at all. Still, I’m sure plenty of reactions will be published by Monday or Tuesday. Looking forward to all,, both fan based and professional critics.


  3. Hi. I was lucky enough to buy a ticket for tomorrow, but due to injections and doctors and various other things that I am thoroughly used to by now (and ever hopeful that it might end), I’ll not be leaving the sofa and my hot water bottle. If anyone would like the ticket, free of charge, maybe they could let you know and I can email it over? It doesn’t say non-transferable? All I’d ask is that whoever gets it do something kind to someone in need? Oh and maybe send me a photo, if they are lucky enough to get one 🙂 What do you think? Wishing you the best of everything, as always. Yours in respect and admiration. Gen xxxx


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