WTF? Local Leeds TV Highlights UrbanATShedCrew

The news came suddenly but with enough notice for some fans to get a live look at today’s Made in Leeds, Boys on Film @LIFF29 preview ( discussion) of Urban and the Shed Crew. Fans scrambled, me too, to get to the live site, UK only, figure out to share later and mark time watching a chef cooking competition ( ironically one was cooking a sort of Mexican Mole, a piece on an aquarium, and then some weather.

And then it starts. Two twenty-somethings ( cute) rattle away on LIFF29, with some non-information, and then  want to tell you what to see. They start with Apocalypse Now, The Professional, Brooklyn ( YAY) –  Full Trailers for all.

And then Urban and the Shed Crew: ( which viewers can’t go see because it’s sold out)

It has some big names, Fraser Kelly and Anna Friel.

And then the trailer and voice over general background.

And that’s about it, folks. Maybe I missed any reference to Richard Armitage other than in the trailer credit.

Word has it  @Crissyinwm and @RANetdotcom will come up with something for you.  In addition there’s  a Catch Up link on the website if you have access to UK T.V. Again confusing, for UK fans, information from @UrbanATShedCrew  says a link will be available 7 P.M. tonight – but where? It was 7 P.M. tonight in the UK  when the show started and there’s no link now. But definitely check out the “catch up” link. And there will be a link tomorrow for non-UK viewers. I’m sure it will be widely publicized. Hell, it’s probably already on Tumblr.

But really, unless you want to get pissed, I would miss it.

5 thoughts on “WTF? Local Leeds TV Highlights UrbanATShedCrew

  1. I’m hoping this will be a low key event fans are making much more of it than I think can be delivered. All indications are not favourable to big movers and shakers even being in attendance. If this film sees the light if day it will surface much later on. I do have a ticket for the 8th but do not intend to hang around armitage watching as with the Crucible. I’m coming to the end of my RA crush and have seen the good bad and ugly of this fandom over the past several years. I’m really interested in the film and how Richard personifies Hare with a much more cynical audience than the innocence of friendship Hare portrays with Urban given the historical backdrop we now all are privy to.


    • I suppose it’s a good way to end the crush – you’ll be watching the film with him. I would love it if you let me, and others, now what you think of the film. Sorry to be losing you.


      • Perry, BBC have just given the film a good plug on Look North which is on immediately after the main BBC News and has a good audience. Two presenters interviewed both Bernard Hare and Candida, RA’s name was mentioned twice as a ‘famous’ star and a clip was shown that we haven’t seen before, featuring Urban trying to get out of the children’s home whilst RA lurked in the background. The presenters sounded very keen and, since they knew that it was sold out after 3 hours, hoped it would be on general release soon so that we can all see it.


  2. I hope to try and articulate this experience I never got around to writing about the Crucible experience and I had a very different take than most wrote about concerning the stage door. I m hoping now my RA crush fest is on the wane I can be more impartial and tell it as it is. I’ve thought long a nd hard about going on Sunday but feel I have followed his career so long that this is the point to leave. I faltered when he left England and then joined Twitter and whilst I understand his reasoning for me as a fan the end has arrived. Urban was the film I could relate to him again so I will champion this I even have a first edition signed copy of the book by OHare that I f RA signs I will auction off for a kids charity. He was my first and only actor crush its been interesting but reality states he’s only human and as the saying goes never meet your idol. I’ve met him 3 times and its always unsettled me!


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