Armitage as Bond : Don’t Believe Everything You Read in @Time


First, I am not promoting Richard Armitage as the next James Bond. I’m on the fence about it, but I know fans have very strong opinions in both directions. I don’t think it will happen.

That aside, this is a gas. Time has a voting competition going on, and you can read about it by clicking the link above. To help make a choice, Time has come up with a point system for previous experience requirements ( all tongue in cheek, I assume). Points are given for age, number of people the actor killed in films, Britishness, and how many people the actor has slept with on the screen. Time screwed up with Richard Armitage. "Screen

The errors both help him and hurt him, I would imagine.

First, in terms of the number of people he has killed on screen, he killed James McAvoy in  Shakespeare Retold – Macbeth – which was not on the big screen. If they’re counting TV, then, as Lucas North, John Porter and Francis Dolarhyde, he has killed multiple times. If they only count big screen films, I guess it doesn’t count if you kill an Orc or a Troll.

Second, I know some think The Hobbit Trilogy was endless, but no way was he in 14 action films on the big screen. He’s only been in 5 films released on the big screen. I would give him 5 action films so far, with Pilgrimage upping that number in the future ( along with screen kills, I assume)

Third, and this is so sad, he’s a screen virgin: he hasn’t slept with anyone on the big screen. (I’m hoping this changes with Urban and the Shed Crew. His record is much better for TV ( but only a little) and he should get double or triple points for Between the Sheets.

Finally, @Time left out one of the most important James Bond requirements – the actor has to look good in a tuxedo.

14 thoughts on “Armitage as Bond : Don’t Believe Everything You Read in @Time

  1. Why can’t James Bond be an Indian? I’d love it if they made a Bollywood movie with the character. It would be fun to see JB go into a song and dance number after killing the bad guys or shagging the babes.


  2. Gosh, pretty soon there will be no roles for white British males. I think many people would take all sorts of James Bonds, as long as he wasn’t American. 🙂


  3. me thinks they mixed up the body count with the movie count, quite possible they put the research results in the wrong place and the screen virgin thing need urgent amendment! It boggles the mind really 🙂


  4. RA is very high up on that list. I’m very ambiguous about whether I actually want to see him part of the Bond franchise. If he shuns typecasting, then Bond is not for him.
    However, this is just for fun – What is this 4 kills on screen? Which screen – television or film?
    I think it adds up to more than 4 if you count all the orcs 🙂 Also, the screen virgin thing needs revision, because he’s done his fair bit on television. Finally, 14 action movies is a bit much, isn’t it. I can only recall 4 (Just as you said, Hariclea).


    • I’m ambiguous, too. I’d like to see him act as Bond, and think he would be great, but I don’t really think being part of that franchise will help is overall acting career. My favorite Bond is the tried and true Sean Connery.


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