For Urban Nov 7, 4 P.M. Ticket Holders – Hang Around

If you read between the lines, because it isn’t said outright, Richard Armitage will NOT be  attending the 4 P.M. screening of Urban and the Shed Crew on November 7; however,  if you’re at the 4 P.M. showing, then hang around after the film, which is 112 minutes long,  and then join ( or start)  the crowd, because he will be attending the 7:30 showing at the same location, and I would wager a guess that he and his companions, will be arriving early to give a little love to the crowd and press.

For others, what time should you get there to see him? This won’t help, unless only a limited number of fans will be permitted in the designated space. screen-shot-2015-11-02-at-7-10-03-pm2

Screen Shot 2015-11-02 at 7.10.03 PM

20 thoughts on “For Urban Nov 7, 4 P.M. Ticket Holders – Hang Around

  1. I think our expectations for there to be some kind of organised event are wrong, this place is a tiny local radio in the building of an equally tiny old community church in a very normal, residential and quiet area. They don’t expect crowds and certainly wouldn’t be able to cope with them and it is certainly not that kind of event..


    • And there aren’t finances available for paying for security and so on. People should expect exactly what jaydee09 mentioned, a local community center in a residential area. They can’t and shouldn’t have to put up with noisy crowds and so on. Think of it as an end of year performance at your local school or similar, that would be more appropriate size and atmosphere of event. And also, sorry for repeating myself here, not meaning to offend anyone. It is not intended for the general public primarily but for distributors to see if they like it to show it in normal cinemas. It isn’t even the occasion to show it to the UK public in general, hopefully that will come later if distributors pick it up.
      I wish they’d make the local conditions clear, but maybe they are not aware that many people imagine things like they have experienced/seen at the Hobbit premieres…. 😉


      • I disagree about not being for the general public. All film festivals offer tickets to the general public though usually not free). But I understand what you mean that the venue isn’t one of those such as would be chosen for a potential big film that already has a distribution deal ( i.e. Pilgrimage) and wants to showcase their stars on a reed carpet.

        They have not made a lot of things clear, and in this case, it looks like I didn’t help matters. (but will any of this stop fans, ticket holders or not, from a chance to see Richard Armitage in the flesh?)

        Also, with this information, I am even more surprised that the actual premiere was in this theater instead of the other, larger one, both of which were scheduled simultaneously. Or were they? I wonder if Urban was first given the small venue and then lobbied for a second screening somewhere larger. Do other new films have more than one screening?
        Were distributors unable to get tickets? Who knows?


        • Two screenings were offered in the small venue first and I immediately booked mine for the 4pm showing. Just as well – they disappeared within 24 hours. Only then did LIFF seem to realise that it deserved another screening on the Sunday in a small Arts cinema. I didn’t queue to see RA at the Old Vic – not my thing – but I felt sorry for those who had got tickets for the ‘premiere’ that RA & Co then announced that they would be turning up to share the screening on Sunday. However, knowing he’s a decent bloke, I wasn’t surprised when he said he would be turning up on Saturday too. I think he’s trying to keep everyone happy. I don’t think I shall hang around but I am pleased for those who do. Personally, I am expecting it all to be pretty low-key, but who knows what will happen? I can imagine him doing a small broadcast on the local radio in the church Saturday afternoon because the venue is in ‘Urban territory’ and works with deprived children in east Leeds. And, surely this is what it’s all about?


          • Why Jaydall – that is possible breaking news that Richard Armitage MAY do, or COULD do or may Have the Opportunity to do ( I like that best) a short radio broadcast before Urban screening. I need to find the name and number of the station. Great thinking.


        • the 2 at the Chapel FM were the ones scheduled by the festival organisers, the Sunday one only appears and was organised by LIFF when the other 2 sold out so quickly and people asked for more.


          • I wouldn’t be at all surprised if Candida Brady, RA and Bernard Hare personally chose the venue because of its position in east Leeds and its work in schools and with the children of the area. It should help to promote the Chapel and what it does. Perhaps they didn’t expect the response – although they should have done. On Twitter, I noticed that quite a few are travelling some distance and at least one is flying in.

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            • I think the theme of the film definitely deserves it and it feels absolutely right that it should be seen there first 🙂 I’m doubtful the LIFF organiser thought as far but i am glad reality proved them wrong. I really hope this is an event for the community and the children and doesn’t become an even about RA, which i don’t think at this point and even less at this venue it should be. However, reality is what it is and that is what it will largely be, unavoidably so.
              I am only crossing my fingers for 1 think: that the film does the book justice, that it is good enough for the distributors to think it is worth seeing and that audiences will connect with it. It is a story that deserves a strong voice and i hope this is one, fingers x. We’ll see.


              • Honestly, this should be an event for film distributors, but I hope as many RA fans are satisfied as is possible. It could be case of too much emphasis on the subject, relevance, local pride ( or shame), the plight of th downtrodden etc. etc., and not enough emphasis on the marketability and quality of the film.


            • I hope not. From a business standpoint, it’s a bad choice. I thought LIFF organized these things. How could they not expect the response knowing this fandom?


  2. How nice for those attending! It looks like an intimate setting, where hearing and seeing RA up close will be a certainty! Only ticket holders will be allowed in, right? So for those wishing to shake hands or snag an autograph sans ticket, I’d imagine there will be a queue outside, similar to the stage door at The Crucible? One can only conjecture. ..hope to get the lowdown from those attending!


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