Mother Teresa to Promote Urban and the Shed Crew? Perry’s Judging.


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P.S. the quote posted by Tim Fargo is incorrect – The actual quote is, [I]f you judge people, you have no time to love them, a sentiment that makes no sense. We make judgments about people we love, necessary judgments, every day.  Not MT’s best work.


7 thoughts on “Mother Teresa to Promote Urban and the Shed Crew? Perry’s Judging.

  1. Seems rather contradictory to carry on about the “Urban only” nature of the account and then post a random quote that has zero to do with UATSC. It would be a passive aggressive way to poke back at criticism she’s been reading regarding her awkwardly amateur PR style.
    I want to be excited about this film. I desperately want to see it. But the (over) marketing has stolen any joy I had in the anticipation.


  2. Kelly, I believe this is a replacement to a deleted tweet. The earlier one, actually tied the quote to UATSC, saying something like, ” I thought it was well worth retweeting because of the circumstances of the film.” I personally didn’t see any connection between the quote and the film. When I went back to write about it, this was the tweet I found. I don’t think she agrees that she has an awkwardly amateur PR style, but she has made some changes and indirectly referenced some of the criticism out there, i.e. not Richard Armitage centric, showing pics of other actors – but not other criticisms. To me, it still looks like an RA fan account, but one that’s trying to look more focused on the film. The latest marketing departure seems to be for Candida Brady’s, movie, Trashed. I think we’ll be “treated” to reactions about that film on both sites.
    I don’t think she ( or anyone) has anything new to add to the mix, unless it would be to definitively state when Richard Armitage will be there, at Leeds. I’ve heard that he is booking the actual premiere in favor of the second night, added showing, larger venue, along with everyone else, and if so, those fans who rushed to get the first tickets, will be disappointed. I don’t attribute this SNAFU to @Urban, though she hasn’t cleared anything up.
    I’m just waiting for the reviews and news of whether some distributor picked it up. I suspect there’s some good Armitage work in that film, and I want to see it. I think he probably had significant input into the direction.


  3. What you originally saw must have been the Facebook post because that’s what is posted there in explanation of the Mother Teresa quote.

    It will be interesting to see what the reactions are after the screening and if the film itself will push past the current RA frenzy and stand on its own.
    It’s disappointing that none of the pre LIFF buzz has made any mention of UATSC. LIFF has only mentioned the film on Twitter once, to announce the 3rd screening, and none of the “must see” fest articles that I’ve read make any mention.
    I have seen several tweets from RA fans who have tickets to ALL of the showings. Meanwhile, some cast & family members have posted on the Facebook page about how they couldn’t get tickets. And the Facebook page claims Candida Brady has given her screening tickets away as well. Hopefully someone managed to get a couple of those tickets into the hands of some film distributors.


    • That’s it. I want to hear what unbiased critics have to say, and maybe, so do distributors. I assume that tickets were set aside for those key viewers, and maybe, wishful thinking, that LIFF added the additional viewing to make sure they got tickets.


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