Part I Here

There is many and many an Armitage fan

 who’s unable to  make it  to Leeds.

Would that we could be supporting our man

and fulfilling our fangirling needs.

But alas we’re prevented, all hope has been rented

 Since we simply can’t make it to Leeds.

There exists a small group, with a valuable tkt

who’ll be  spending an evening in Leeds

at the  Urban and the Shed Crew flick,

watching Chop’s somewhat dubious deeds.

Though it might make us jealous, we beg you to tell us,

How it was when you made it to Leeds.

As you stand behind barriers, crowding tight in a mass

sharing air with our RA in Leeds,

Take a minute on Twitter  and do it  real fast

Is he wearing his jeans or his tweeds?

Please  unite in our fandom to put us in tandem

‘cause we just could’t make it to Leeds.


19 thoughts on “SHARE URBAN, Part II

  1. If he starts making slurping or crunching noises during this screening I’ll have to do my usual load tutting noise and give him a piece of my mind. Don’t think these venues are big so hopefully it won’t be like BAFTA 2010 with the little insignificant people herded upstairs out of reach. Or as Graham Norton put it “don’t worry you lovely stars we won’t let the riff raff near you we’ve locked them upstairs! Attending these events make me feel so insignificant so why Am I doing it again!

    I’ve seen him smile I’ve seen him frown he signed his picture upside down. He’s said few words but to nod and mumble but when he asked where are you from his laughter did’s the northern thing that gets him going why he finds it so funny there’s no way of knowing!


  2. Love it! Somehow, while reading this, I was thinking of “The Beautiful Annabelle Lee.” Seemed to have the same rhythm for me! Such talented well-wishers, this group! And yes, as one who can’t make it to Leeds, I am looking forward to pics and stories from the lucky “badged fold.”


    • The similarity to Annabel Lee was intentional. You hit the nail on the head. I used Annabel Lee as the model for the poem, both the rhyme scheme and the rhythm. – so I would say I was successful.


  3. Yes! Yes! Yes! And thanks to the Valentine’s Day love poems collection, I was not only able to pick up on the similarity to Annabel Lee, but I was able to kind of hear RA’s voice narrating! Brilliant work, Perry! =)


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