SHARE URBAN! Open Invite for Non-Bloggers Who Get to See Urban —

Part II here

I know those of you who are bloggers will write about it, but I am also inviting those of you who get to the film, and who comment or just follow, to share your thoughts, reviews, meetings with Richard Armitage, pics (if lucky enough). You can write a long comment on one of my latest posts about it around that time ( there should be some screen shots at least or Getty Images), send me an email with your write up or DM on Twitter, Message on Facebook for a way to get me your text or pics.

If you don’t like this blog or me, I’m sure other bloggers will be happy to make the same offer.


18 thoughts on “SHARE URBAN! Open Invite for Non-Bloggers Who Get to See Urban —

      • Hmm. I guess that perspectives depend whether we look for the good or the bad, in all or anything. Me? For what it’s worth, I look for the good and believe that this motivates all we try and do in this life. From reading your blog, I believe that you try to do this too. I guess none of us always succeed, but when the intent is good and honest, then that is to be applauded. So applaud and thank you I do. Since I have found a voice, I find myself thinking there are many out there who are brave and good and RA is lucky to have them as supporters. You are one who leads the way in this. So from me, (someone who matters little), to you (someone who matters a lot), I offer thanks, respect and admiration. Wishing you the best of everything. Gen xx


  1. I’d be happy too . Don’t comment much anymore have done reviews via Ali before but to be honest my RA crush fest has wavered in recent year. Quite shocked at myself that I went for it this time as I said after Crucible I would never go to event in attendance again. As coincidence has it I’m working close to Leeds at the moment and I loved the book so much this was one project even if it’s the last that I would be waving my destRActed flag. Doing it on my own in secret as family think my obsession is over with a sigh of relief! My last secret indulgence….


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  3. It’s a great idea and i hope we will have many impressions from people about everything, the film, the details, etc The more we talk about it in general objectively i think the better for the film and the better its chances to get an international release too.
    And apart from that it is just fun to read people’s accounts and share the joy 🙂


  4. I can’t believe we are finally going to get a peak at this long awaited movie! I am so looking forward to all the reviews and impressions and everything! Thank you for putting this invite out there


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