Changing Time: Director Karen Moncrief focuses on Hours, not Seasons

Despite confirmation by Richard Armitage and others here, that he would be starring in Edith Wharton’s Summer, directed by Karen Moncrief, It looks like, for now at least, Summer is on hold ( only in development),  and
Screen Shot 2015-10-15 at 8.27.28 AM

director Karen Moncrief has turned her attention from Richard Armitage to Lee Pace.Screen Shot 2015-10-15 at 8.34.38 AMhere

This appears to me to be a good dramatic role for side dish, Lee Pace, but I wish we could learn more about what’s happened to Summer. Scheduling problems? Financing? Your guess is as good as mine.

Thanks to Micra for sending this info for us.

8 thoughts on “Changing Time: Director Karen Moncrief focuses on Hours, not Seasons

  1. Hey, that’s my cd cover for Summer on White Rose’s blog . . . small world. It’s recorded by LibriVox, a free, volunteer audiobook site. I haven’t listened to that particular book, but the narrator is considered very good. Worth a try!


  2. Hey! What do you mean your cover? But I might try out the audiobook, although I quickly read Summer when the info was first announced. I’ve found a lot of LibriVox books hard to take because of the readers, and also the change in readers in one book.


  3. Would love to see Richard in an Edith Wharton story… agree with your comments on Librivox, Perry. It’s OK if your expectations for the readers are not high. They’re just regular people reading the books.


  4. It could be the other way around – he was able to put something else off in favor of Berlin Station, although it looks as if Summer has hit some other snag. I think these delays are fairly common with some smaller films. ( And I think Berlin Station is slightly delayed in terms of shooting, but probably not airing)


  5. Summer can’t happen at least for another year. A movie called Summer needs some summer scenery at least for a few of the scenes, and that won’t happen for a while in New England. To be honest, it was the least interesting to me of Richard’s projects. I’m hoping Clearance will film a few months late.


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