A Badge for a Good Cause

Badging ( not badgering)

Guylty Pleasure

Some of you might remember that I had a second batch of badges printed a while ago.


I had ordered them for no other reason than I had run out of the first 100 so-called “fandom identifiers” and thought it would be nice to have some more available for… whenever. Well, it seems as if the opportunity may have arisen just now. The long-awaited Urban and the Shed Crew film will premiere on the 7th of November at Leeds International Film Festival, and I have heard that there may be a fan or two going to the event.

IMG_6598 Flower crowns optional, peeps!

An opportunity to don a discreet little badge that signals the shared fandom to a fellow fan while not plastering the allegiance to Mr A all over the shop. Or as I wrote last year when I originally executed the idea on prompting by notallwhowonderarelost, after…

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