Side Dishes & Six Degrees of Separation: Spotted When I Least Expected It ( It was the Voice)

Who? Joe Armstrong (Alan of Dale in Robin Hood

In What? Closer to the Moon  ( also with Mark Strong and Harry Lloyd)

Screen Shot 2015-10-11 at 10.20.24 AM

In What Role? As a Jewish Romanian Partisan Zionist Communist Bank Robber Prisoner in an absurd farce based on a true story.

Screen Shot 2015-10-11 at 10.05.27 AM

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“Closer to the Moon,” a fictionalized tale about a weird chapter in Romanian history, tries hard to slap a smiley face on a calamity. In 1959, a group of formerly true-believing Romanian Communists, all Jewish, did the unthinkable when they robbed a branch of the state (and only) bank. They were soon caught, but the story went from curious to crackpot when officials decided that the robbers would portray themselves in a state-produced film titled “Reconstruction,” recreating their gangsta roles with secret meetings, gats and getaway cars. Apparently believing that the state might go easier on them if they cooperated, the robbers played along, all the way through the show-trial end.

Six Degrees of Separation? Joe Armstrong appeared with Richard Armitage in Robin Hood and also in Between the Sheets, although they were never in a scene together. Mark Strong played an equivalent role to Guy of  Gisborne in the Ridley Scott film, Robin Hood,  and, he beat out Richard Armitage for the Best Actor in a Revival Olivier Award this year.

And, P.S., Mark Strong is wearing obvious eyeliner in this film.


2 thoughts on “Side Dishes & Six Degrees of Separation: Spotted When I Least Expected It ( It was the Voice)

  1. I saw him in that and thought he was credible ( also working with his RL father, Alun Armstrong, who I think played his father, and, fans of Richard Armitage know him well from his role in Robin Hood, in which he had more exposure than most of the other members of Robin’s gang. (More scenes with Richard Armitage, for sure)


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