@RCArmitage Re; German Language Coaching. Hope he Does Better than his Russian.

( WhichI know was somewhat lacking only from hearsay)

23 thoughts on “@RCArmitage Re; German Language Coaching. Hope he Does Better than his Russian.

      • Yes, this morning I saw that tweet and thought to myself… wonder what funny quips my German friends are trading. Then I thought to myself… isn’t that remarkable? Friends around the world. =)


        • Hehe, the German contingent was involved in extensive German wordplay and also some Bavaria-bashing. You see, it is extremely frustrating that Germany is always identified with Bavaria. As a Northener that *really* gets my back up. Stereotypes are just so… annoying – says Guylty while being stereotypically humourless 😀
          And yes, friends around the world – isn’t that fantastic? And hey, I hear that I will meet you in the flesh next year!!! *whoops*


          • I figured as much as I scanned the comment section on that tweet! But we have a German restaurant here called Royal Bavaria… never thought twice about it until you mentioned this. And as to your so-called humorlessness… either you’ve broken that mold, or my 1/4 German ancestry identifies with your humorlessness in perfect synchronicity. *whoops*!!


          • You guys were cracking me up 😀 I had no idea about the “Great Germany-Bavaria divide” 😉 I consider myself (somewhat) informed now (but not really 😛 ) When I hear “Bavarian” I think “pastry” lol! I thought it was all good 😉
            Interesting that in so many countries there is a North-South divide…. there definitely is in the US as well….


            • Yeah, there is a bit of a divide. Bavaria has a very distinct culture/accent, and it tends to irk the rest of the country to have the stereotype of Bavaria applied to Germany as a whole. The North, where I come from, is completely different – the landscape is flat, the accent less pronounced, and the people are said to be more reserved than the Southerners.
              And yes, funny that it is often North-South. Mind you, there is a bit of East-West going on in Germany, too, due to our history…

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          • Mind out Ladies!!
            I’m from the Deep Bavarian South!!! Don’t make me defend Bavarian tradition!!! LOL!
            BTW ‘Ogling’ men (actually from ALL OVER the world!) wearing something like Lederhosen when they stay here in Munich for some days for the Oktoberfest (which is taking place right now!) is a really, really, really tough job!!!!!
            I’d imagine Richie will have a hard time finding some of this dancing guys in Berlin! But working for the intelligence could be helpful…… 😉
            (Never knew (to my amazement/regret) why Germany as a whole is represented abroad mainly with Dirndl and Lederhosen, Pretzels and beer (especially in the US)!!! )


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