Donation Sent – Final Tally #cRAftingForCharity

Richard Armitage fans raise $ 2,600 in auctions and donations for Syrian Relief Fund!

Guylty Pleasure

Oh what a beautiful morning, oh what a beautiful day 🎶. Someone is very happy. I have finally made the donation to Save the Children‘s Syrian Children’s Relief Fund. The money is now where it will do good, it is off my hands *phew*, and I can give you the final tally and the proof of transaction. Here’s the official total, raised by us all:

#cRAftingForCharity Total Yes, that’s a pretty sum to be smiling about, Mr A!

Let’s celebrate our success with a few more numbers and insights into the whole initiative. From the auctions we made a total of $ 1465.00. Voluntary donations raised $ 1121,65.(Odd numbers are caused by conversion from Euro to US$) Amazing sums, both of them. The whole total was raised by 27 individuals, which is pretty amazing, if you ask me. My heartfelt thanks go out to everyone who paid and donated!

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