@RCArmitage announces it, too. Berlin Station


8 thoughts on “@RCArmitage announces it, too. Berlin Station

  1. I wonder how long it takes to film a 10-episode television show. If “this fall” is when it films, and “November” is when Clearance films, and he is currently recording David Copperfield, that doesn’t give a lot of time. Perhaps narrating a book is a very short-term project.


    • I think narration is a very short term project, though he would need some time to get his voices before he starts recording.
      How long to film 10 episodes? They may not film in sequence. Maybe Clearance is not that long a shoot. Whatever, he figured it out, and now we have a Spy series, he is STARRING, on TV, with decent behind the scenes talent, it seems, 10 episodes ( if we can find EPIX or elsewhere) – I am over the moon.


    • I believe Naxos said ‘Audiobooks (4cd’s) take 2 full days to record 10 am to 6pm 36,000 words per day. It is recorded in the order you hear it. He would receive script 2 weeks in advance to consider, prepare and practice each character.’
      I find it fascinating……..of course this new work maybe abridged but I hope not.


      • sheesh!! 10am-6pm?? that is a killer for any voice job, i hope it really isn’t that much as anyone would end up really hoarse…
        I hope it is full length too and may take a bit more time 🙂


    • Good to know. think there may be sevreal ways to watch, including through Hulu and Amazon, but maybe a bit later than originally shown. Here in Mexico I get some of those Paramount channels and others, but I think the schedule is completely different. But knowing this fandom, all the possible information for watching and finding it will be somehow available.


  2. 10 eps contemporary? hm between 20-30 weeks shooting time with some 10 weeks of prep, but actors would not usually be involved much in those except for the end part. It is a long stretch 🙂
    But i am soooooexcited he has the lead role and i like spy dramas and there will be 10 eps! We’ll just need to find a way to watch 🙂


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