“Daniel Meyer” Richard Armitage’s New Role – Wonder if He’s Jewish Like the Other One?

The “other Daniel Meyer” here. I’ve been to most of his New York restaurants, including some not listed.

And here is the recipe from The Union Square Cafe Cookbook ( gift from my nephew), for Mama Romano’s Chicken,a really great dish for entertaining. Easy to make and always a success.

I like the name Daniel Meyer for a Richard Armitage role. Good name. Not John.


7 thoughts on ““Daniel Meyer” Richard Armitage’s New Role – Wonder if He’s Jewish Like the Other One?

  1. That’s really an interesting question, I wonder if it will come up in the series 🙂
    I did briefly wonder if the name will get changed to John 😀
    Probably safe though, because if it did, he might be asked to sing (lol)- which I’D love, but don’t think HE wants…..


  2. i hope it will stay Daniel and not be shortened to Dan…. maybe his name is Daniel John Meyer, we may yet find out 😉 Not sure how Meyer is pronounced (ie is it a variation of the German Meier?)


    • Many branches of the English Meyer family trace their name back more than a thousand years to ‘maire’, the Anglo-Saxon for Mayor or legal officer. The German name comes from ‘meiger’, also Mayor, and the German-Jewish name connects it to the Hebrew word ‘meir’, meaning ‘bright and shining’.

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      • Thanks for that info. Anything is possible. I am Jewish and my maiden name is a German word that found its way into Yiddish. But, I seriously doubt that the ancestry of the character wlll be factor, however the writer came up with the name.


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