Why Read Dickens Today?

The Richard Armitage  fandom is a buzz with what seems like a certainty that he’ll be narrating David Copperfield by Charles Dickens. Some fans are wondering why Audible would even want this particular performance from him ( or anyone?) with so many other versions to offer. Others are wondering how much input Richard Armitage had into the choice and what he finds interesting about the project.

For some fans, Hannibal was an obstacle they couldn’t overcome and missed his performances. I won’t say David Copperfield is a watershed for me in terms of missing a performance. ( 30 + hours ). I’ll want to download it immediately and start listening – then chat about it with many of you – but I sure wish it will be something else. There are plenty of good choices – every conceivable type of classic available in the public domain.

I’m still skeptical that it’ll be David Copperfield, but it doesn’t make that much of a difference to me. But why republish/read Dickens at all?

These writers, and many others, give us their opinions.

here  and  here

4 thoughts on “Why Read Dickens Today?

  1. Great articles. Thanks for sharing them. As I said on somebody else’s blog, Dickens was meant to be read by a “performer” not a simple reader. And we know to which category Richard belongs. 😀


  2. Thank you for the links, I hadn’t realised this book was written in the first person. It certainly seems worthy of performance. I haven’t read it but I have seen a few films I seem to remember the young Daniel Radcliffe as DC.
    I think RA performed Uriah Heep at LAMDA, a horrible unglamorous part but I guess he could stretch his acting legs.


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