What’s With These Charles Dickens Quotes, #RichardArmitage?

I agree with JHolland that David Copperfield seems like a strange choice, considering all the other versions. But I also agree – something may be up in the New Projects category. Were it just the first two quotes, I would say ” CyberSmile” – but the last one seems dead on. But do we know what to expect? These tweets would seem to indicate we should expect David Copperfield, and nothing else right now. Time will tell. Which Dickens book would you like Richard Armitage to narrate? I’m all for Great Expectations or A Tale of Two Cities.


Trying to figure out whether, as so many on Twitter seem to believe, there is a clue in RA’s trio of tweets from today,

  1. “Never be mean in anything; never be false; never be cruel. Avoid those three vices and I can always be hopeful of you” Dickens D Copperfield
  2. .@audible.com  “There can’t be a quarrel without two parties, and I won’t be one. I will be a friend to you in spite of you…

  3. .@audible.com  So now you know what you’ve got to expect” ― Charles Dickens, David Copperfield

Hmmm. Is he offering literary quotes for some kind of Cybersmile initiative? Why did he tag Audible.com? I immediately went on over to Audible to see whether there is any news there, as my preferred interpretation would always be an unabridged audiobook, and an unabridged David Copperfield is probably adequate for 30 or more hours of Richard-time… but they have at…

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6 thoughts on “What’s With These Charles Dickens Quotes, #RichardArmitage?

  1. I would very much enjoy A Tale of Two Cities! (Guess I am the hopeless romantic sort & was touched by the noble gesture Sydney Carton made.) Though I found Dickens’ sentence structure to be extremely long & challenging to follow, I also discovered that many Victorians tended towards much wordier sentences than is the norm (& preference) in contemporary North America. I also believe that Richard will deftly handle those long sentences (as he has already demonstrated with the Georgette Heyer audiobooks) and render Dickens easily comprehensible and enjoyable!


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