New Projects: At least One Starring Role in Berlin Station, Not Yet Cast

Thanks to Micra for passing this along ( Google Translation from  German) Attention German readers and fans, maybe you can offer a better translation. With a series such as this promises to be, I am guessing there are numerous roles that could be filled by a 40 something male – but here’s hoping.

Rhys Ifans has been committed for a major role in the new spy drama Berlin station of Epix. He will assume the role of Hector DeJean. Also a major role, Richard Jenkins, known from Six Feet Under.

Epix has Rhys Ifans committed for a major role in her new drama Berlin station. The reported TV Wise.

Rhys Ifans (Elementary) will play the role of Hector DeJean. DeJean is described as gloomy, yet charming character who represents a persistent agent. His opponent is portrayed by Richard Jenkins (Six Feet Under). He is Steven Frost, mimes a veteran of the Cold War, who acts as head of the CIA department in Berlin. Was not yet occupied the role of Daniel Meyer, the Progatonisten series.

“Rhys is an international star who through his various roles has such a range of possibilities that he can easily switch back and forth between film and television.” Said Mark Greenberg, CEO of Paramount and Epix. “It’s really great and we can be happy to have him in the cast here.”

Daniel Meyer is a freshly baked clerk who works within the residence of the CIA in Berlin. He has a secret mission: Meyer has to find the mole who has the now infamous whistleblower Thomas Shaw put information. Side by side with a burned veterans Daniel learns the rough and discontinuous life of an agent know. Immediately to Daniel recognize dangers arising from a conspiracy, whose traces can be traced back to Washington.

From Berlin station directly a squadron was ordered with 10 episodes with no pilot. This will be seen on the pay TV channel Epix. Production company Paramount Television. The scripts are written by Olen Steinhauer, who also acts as an executive producer among many. Also the part of the executive producers take, inter alia, Eric Roth, Steve Golin and Keith Redmon. Filming is scheduled to begin later this year, the premiere is scheduled for autumn 2016th

9 thoughts on “New Projects: At least One Starring Role in Berlin Station, Not Yet Cast

  1. Hmm…wonder when “later this year” means. I thought Richard was confirmed for “Clearance” in Nov. in South Africa, Wonder how that’s gonna work, unless they film in like December, or start now…hmmm


    • If filming begins late this year, it could continue into next year. With what little we know, there are a number of possibilities – including the one that we are all off bae – er, I meant off-base.

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        • By my reckoning he has like 5 projects in the cards/ signed on to. Clearance, Bridget Cleary (or whatever the Irish film is), Summer, Berlin Station, and something with Yael Farber. All that plus promotional obligations for the 3 films he did in the past 2 years that aren’t out yet. (Doubt he’ll have to do much if anything for Alice) 2016 looks to be as busy if not busier than 2015!


  2. That’s what I want for him. I hope never to hear that answer from in an interview again Q- What’s next for you? A. Nothing, at the moment. But in truth, we just don’t know how long his commitments are for any of these projects. My issue is constipation. It’s all in there somewhere, but when will it become flushable?


  3. It seems like Pilgrimage, Brain on Fire and Clearance will all follow a normal movie course where the film is shown in regular theaters soon after the film is made. They seem to have the financial backing needed to do this. I get the impression Sleepwalker was finished in a hurry for a reason. I’m wondering if it will be in an upcoming Festival like Telluride. So the only film that is not proceeding as it should is Urban. 😦


    • Why do you think Sleepwalker was finished in a hurry? Filming ended 31 October 2014. Ten months are a lot of time to edit a little movie that doesn’t require CGI or complex post production. RA did additional ADR back in July and this usually means a film has been edited and almost finished. Let’s hope it enters festivals and someone will buy it. Nightingale success should, could, give a helping hand in this respect.


      • Sorry, I didn’t mean to imply that it was a rush job, but rather that Elliott tweeted the silly picture with the dirty feet as if he almost killed himself to meet a deadline. I’m wondering if it is for a festival. I’m actually really looking forward to that film. Everything I’ve read, and also the success of Nightingale, have made me excited about it.


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