Is @RCArmitage hinting at a Possible TV Project on the Horizon?

So many times in the past, new Twitter follows by @RCArmitage have hinted at his new, but unannounced projects. Has it happened again?

@Chrissyinwm engaged in some fan forensics. Following two new @RCArmitage follows Screen Shot 2015-09-02 at 7.55.41 PM

She uncovered this Deadline article, about a new straight to T.V. spy series naming @RCArmitage’s two latest follows; written by best selling spy novelist Olen Steinhauer, to be executive produced and some episodes directed by Belgian Michael Roskän, probably for EPIX a cable station, and Paramount. (Also recent new follow of @RCArmitage).

The name of the series is Berlin Station, which should particularly tickle some Armitage fans if he has a role in the spy thriller. Leads have already been cast, but over 12 episodes, there’s plenty of room another spy.


23 thoughts on “Is @RCArmitage hinting at a Possible TV Project on the Horizon?

  1. I was wondering where to find EPIX. Epix HD is also the name used by the network’s online on-demand service available on and on the Roku streaming player. The service offers feature films, and original concert and stand-up comedy specials previously seen on the network; it is available to subscribers of Epix on Verizon FiOS, Mediacom, Charter Communications, Cox Communications and Dish Network.


    • Yeah, I just looked at that and it doesn’t look promising for me. I don’t exactly understand how this works. My Roku has an EPIX app, though we’re not subscribed. But the EPIX website says you must subscribe through your cable subscriber, and then it says you can’t if you have DIRECTV. So the Roku app may be no good for me. I suppose that might change in a year’s time, and if not, well… episodes might be found elsewhere.


      • I think it’s two services – one that lets you subscribe to the on demand service – which you could see on Roku, and the other is a cable station carried by several providers. Some of the content may be different. In addition, there are U.S. networks here in Mexico that I never heard of – I guess they’re satellite stations – for example Warner Brothers and Universal are two. The show could conceivably air at some point on any cable station owned or partnered with Paramount, for example, Paramount TV or maybe even a CBS owned cable network. Epix seems to be on Dish. But as you say, ( quick learner!) episodes might be found elsewhere.


  2. It’s something I would like, if done well, and there’s a sentimental attachment to the idea of Richard Armitage in another spy role. There’s also the possibility of some weekly Richard Armitage on TV again. I’d like to know more.


  3. A possible reincarnation of Lucas! I like this sort of television project because it is not as all-consuming as a network series with lots more episodes. It leaves lots of time for movie projects. Assuming this happens, we can hope it will somehow be available by Fall 2016.


  4. OK, I read the synopsis again I think Richard could actually be one the lead characters. The story follows Daniel Meyer (actor still to be announced) helped by veteran Case Officer Hector DeJean (Ifans) — a darkly charming, tenacious agent who works for Chief Steven Frost (Jenkins).
    So, why not Richard as Daniel Meyer? Following 7 accounts, writers, directors, showrunners, tv channel, Paramounts, producers… it should be more than a brief guest role. Fingers crossed.


    • It seems unlikely that they would have a ‘veteran’ case officer helping someone older than himself. Sounds more likely to be a small supporting role.


      • Why? Ifans is older than Richard and looks far more older than the 4 years between them. And they say a new case officer in that particular location, not a young man. Anyway, we just have to wait and see. It only looks a little weird he follows so many accounts for a very small role.


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