What’s With These Brits? Urban and the Shed Crew, not In British Film Festival Line up at all.

(note the hashtags)

chop541923_749046805113615_1545717752_nhere is the complete list of films in and out of competition for the upcoming ( October) British Film Festival ( BFI).

What a disappointment to me that Urban and the Shed Crew will not be shown at all. I worry that if it didn’t make the British festival, what chance is there for some other, unless it obtains at least some financial partners before hand. Here’s hoping that Candida Brady and Blenheim can get it released on its own, independently.

I haven’t conducted any sort of study about the details of other, less well known films that will have the benefit of screenings, even if not competing.

This is the BFI’s own description of the festivals goals, excerpted:

BFI London Film Festival is Britain’s leading film event and one of the world’s oldest film festivals. It introduces the finest new British and international films to an expanding London and UK-wide audience. The Festival provides an essential platform for films seeking global success; and promotes the careers of British and international filmmakers through its industry and awards programmes.

It clear ‘s  from Candida Brady’s recent tweets, the release of the official trailer, tweets form the  twitter Urban and the Shed Crew Account, that the producers are making strong efforts to get some buzz on the film, and the fact that it is set in Leeds, U.K, perhaps hoping for some support from that quarter.

This is one of those of those times when I hope fan support and signal boosting for the film will add some needed buzz for those decision makers who don’t yet know that Richard Armitage featuring prominently in a film comes attendant with lots of social media exposure and bums in seats. If we want to enhance our chances of seeing this film – or at least some of you seeing this film, a little buzz on social media platforms can’t hurt.

Oish. I say this as I prepare a post analyzing the two trailers.




7 thoughts on “What’s With These Brits? Urban and the Shed Crew, not In British Film Festival Line up at all.

  1. That’s too bad. And it is also not on the Toronto (TIFF) schedule either. I wonder what they can do. I note that the official trailer has less than 9000 views, which is not exactly setting the world on fire. I suspect the unofficial trailer did better, although it was deleted and copied pretty quickly so it is impossible to say. But the unofficial trailer was something I wanted to rewatch, unlike the official one. Perhaps the filmmakers will see your post and update the trailer. 🙂

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    • I’m still working on that post. I been watching both, and got distracted with one of them, which will be explained soon. Seems folks do want to talk about the two trailers.


  2. Good that your commenting on the trailers I posted comment here about the power of the first over the second. Managed to download before they took it down and replay often as I think it’s great .not so the official trailer? I’m really perplexed about the distribution as I would have thought 3 well known Brit actors would have them knocking at the door. My personal opinion is this should be released by the BBC on TV. It’s more of a cultural reference film which may not translate well to world wide audiences. At least on the BBC it can be picked up globally. I do however still root for my Richard on Brit TV of old so I am bias!


  3. Perhaps if RA still lived in the UK he would have promoted this but apart from one brief mention when he had hair extensions he has never mentioned film, I vaguely remember Neil Morrissey in a newspaper article though. Its a sorry state that a British film with young local talent can’t get into the British film festival it seems they would rather promote Johnny Depp and the like.


  4. I wonder what is going on with it really…. the story is a compelling one. BBC is out of it because it was independently and separately made, it was not a BBC commission (sadly…. ). I keep thinking of ‘Filth’ in comparison which made it to the cinemas against all expectations (initially they thought the most they would get was a DVD and it made it into way more cinemas than they thought). It is hard to judge because we have no clue what the producers have tried.. Or when it has actually been finished…
    I also don’t know why the people involved don’t put their weight behind it a bit more. Maybe they are doing so, just not publicly because they are still obviously in the phase of trying people to convince to show it, nowhere near the phase to convince people to go see it…
    I also liked the first trailer a lot more. I think for it to work it needs to reflect the subject, that i would think is its real strength.


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