Thrilling, Touching, Fitting: My Impressions of Hannibal S.3 Episode 13

Great Recap and fabulous images in this Hannibal Finale Review


Vision7 The Great Red Dragon has met his destiny.

Well, as far as mic drops go… this one was worthy. But oh! For the first time since Hannibal started airing the Red Dragon arc, I find myself having trouble getting motivated to blog about it. It wasn’t that the series finale didn’t inspire me. It’s just that I’m feeling rather devastated that it’s over.

So, Spoilers ahead, of course. And toward the end, some graphic images. Be forewarned. The first time I watched the finale, I was gripped with suspense. The final battle scene exhilarated me, even as my heart shrieked in denial. A series of gorgeous final images of Francis Dolarhyde left me breathless. The music was beautiful, the embrace between Will and Hannibal somehow moved me, and then the plunge over the abyss… perfect!

I watched the entire episode again immediately, and then watched Ep. 12 and Ep. 13 together…

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2 thoughts on “Thrilling, Touching, Fitting: My Impressions of Hannibal S.3 Episode 13

  1. Only watched this show for RA. I don’t get the appeal of Hannibal (not my genre or to my…taste). Shows that celebrate such profane side of human nature put me off. I probably stand alone to be glad it’s over and look forward to seeing RA in other roles. Tried it — not for me. Dipped my toes outside my usual, though!


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