But What’s the Dog’s Name?

Micra sent this link. I think we’ve seen something like this before. Urban is heating up and Candida Brady is hoping for some more buzz for her film. I hope she gets it, but personally, I think she ought to rework her trailer.


7 thoughts on “But What’s the Dog’s Name?

  1. Agreed. I think the unofficial trailer was far better than this, with a wonderful song that perfetcly captured the book mood. Maybe they should do a new one as middle way, stressing the kids conditions but also the ties among the characters, especially the bond between Chop and Urban. This trailer doesn’t explain anything and you can hardly see who the people are in each quick frame.


    • Yeah. I’m getting a post ready comparing the two. I think some blend of them would suit me better. The first doesn’t explain enough about the film, but is easier to follow. The second attempts to perk things up, and explain more, but it’s hard to follow. But, it’s just the first trailer, so I hope we can expect more. But damn – I’m licking my chops over Chop.

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      • I need to see this film. I need to see Chop and Urban, hoping Brady didn’t betray the book. But since Hare was there I hope they did a good job.


  2. I fully agree about reworking the trailer. The inofficial one told a story one wanted to get to know more about. The new one is a strange (and not in a good way) mix action & a bit of social drama – which leaves me more like running for the hills, than heading to the next cinema. :/


  3. I completely agree about the trailer for this. I was surprised at how different the official trailer felt from the original one that we saw. I loved the look & feel of the first one. This official one though…if I were not an Armitage fan & familiar with the book, I’m not sure it would get me into a theater. :-/


  4. I agree. The unofficial one was heartwarming, but you at least saw a glimmer of the poverty and desperation, and the song was a perfect choice. Perhaps it was a little too “feel good”, but the new trailer is at the other extreme. The message from the official trailer is that this is a gritty film that has Richard Armitage and Anna Friel in it. That’s about all I got out of it.


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