Surf Side Selfie

From RCArmitage on Weibo

From RCArmitage on Weibo

Guesses as to the location where Richard Armitage is spending his birthday?


11 thoughts on “Surf Side Selfie

    • I checked the sign, noting it was in Engish. I’ve now seen many versions of it and it means cyclists should get off and walk their bikes. So, he’s in a tropical English speaking beach place – looks like a bay to me and not the ocean. This is definitely off season for the Carib or Mexico . I don’t see him in East Coast Florida under any circumstances. It could be L.A., but doesn’t look like it to me because of the shape of the bay, ( I would have guessed Spain if it weren’t for the sign). So, I’m going with Northern or mid California north of LA or the Gulf.


  1. Really, really great detectives on twitter these days… Apparently it’s English Bay Beach in Vancouver, so probably not a recent selfie.


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