Rolling Stone on The Woman Clothed in Sun

Rolling Stone Wraps Up Hannibal S 3 Episode 10

4. Reba strokes a man-eating beast, Hannibal (NBC)
Given that Thomas Harris’ novel Red Dragon has already been adapted twice into movies, it initially seemed superfluous for NBC to take another stab at it. (So to speak.) But so far the TV version of the book has had its own vibe, derived from Hannibal’s usual fascination with the finer things: high art, haute cuisine, sophisticated music and beautifully abstract patterns of blood-spatter. In last week’s episode “And the Woman Clothed in Sun,” serial killer Francis “The Tooth Fairy” Dolarhyde (played by Richard Armitage) took his blind girlfriend Reba McClane (Rutina Wesley) on a trip to the zoo, where he arranged for her to pet a sedated tiger. As her dark hands rubbed across bright orange fur, edging closer and closer to the animal’s teeth, her psychotic lover cringed.

The scene reveals a lot about the killer’s character, and his fear that the woman he loves will discover his own sharp edges. It’s also just a gorgeous five minutes of TV, both to look at and to listen to. What it’s depicting is horrifying, but to quote Reba, the moment is “a very elegant gesture… eloquent, too.” Here, Hannibal mashes up poetic dialogue, dreamy visuals and abstract music into a moment of tension and wonder that aims directly for the viewer’s subconscious.

Katharine D sent me the link for this.


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