Perry’s Further and Random Impressions of Hannibal S.3 Ep.9

First  up:

I wrote in my first take on this episode that red balls and the color red in general seemed to be everywhere. I cited the red plums Francis asked Reba for, the new dog, Randy’s balls, the red lighting in the Reba’s darkroom, making Francis Dolarhyde appear red, part of his becoming. So I was mindful of the ball/circle motif when I re-watched the episode on a large screen tonight.

Balls, orbs, circles of all kinds, mostly red, but not always, where everywhere – maybe I’m reading too much into it but nothing visual in this series seems incidental. The lights in the darkroom, were not just red, reflecting Dolarhyde and the plums, but it pooled in  red circles behind him and around him; the cherries I mentioned in Reba’s pie were red, but tonight, I saw they were also whole – red balls of cherries; drops of blood on the snow were rounds and red, When Dolarhyde stops to pick Reba up, there were circles of lights reflected, four in a row – this time in yellow against the night. At the victims’ home, flashbacks of a birthday party for the young daughter were shown, complete with pink and white round balloons, and finally, there was the full moon that Will imagines Dolarhyde howling at.

Red lighting was prominent, aside from the cherry pie, in Reba’s home. Though the stage lighting was the same, a lamp cast avery low yellow light, when the shot was of Francis, his placemat, his face, was bathed in red – when the shot was on Reba, there were orange tones on her placemat and the lamp behind her gave a dark yellow/orangey glow  she was golden he was red. The lighting set a mood, to be sure. Most of the episode was very dark, as foretold by Richard Armitage in an earlier tweet. ( Lights out, he suggested), but Chiaroscuro implies contrast of light and dark, and while there were exceptions when there was a contrast, I found most of this, mostly dark.

Speaking of red, I have questions about the dragon tail that slithers out, at least in Dolarhyde’s imagination or hallucination. This is not the tail of the Great Red Dragon, which is nothing, if not remarkable for it’s girth. The end of the tail we saw looked much narrower, and longer, and I wonder if this is supposed to represent some sort of younger not, fully formed, Red Dragon. Not Great yet.

In my previous post, I mentioned that Richard Armitage’s American accent was good, but that I detected a word here or there that wasn’t right to me. The example I gave was believe. I listened even more carefully tonight, and was amused when I detected a false American  note in his pronunciation of the word fan. I amused myself by wondering how that line would have sounded if he said, about digital photography, I’m not a well-wisher.

Is it my imagination, or is Hannibal getting paunchy behind bars? ( well, glass)

What is the mural in his cell that mimics a window and a night scene? Anybody know?

Is my memory faulty, or wasn’t there some preview in which Reba says to Francis that she heard he was very handsome? This didn’t show up in the episode.

Mads Mikkelsen’s physical acting in this episode was, I thought beautiful, especially his facial expressions and the use of his eyes, which are impressively expressive. If he could only speak as well. There are still two lines I haven’t caught yet.

The more I see of Alana, the more her plot line confuses or annoys me. Not to mention her new high powered, professional wardrobe. Lady, your legs are too short for the cut of those pants ( sorry costume person). It was an odd outfit to be wearing in the winter, for one – the  white pants were definitely not wool. There was no sense of a winter white outfit there. And the cut of the pants made her look stumpy. Disliking the jacket is just a matter of my personal taste,  ( at least it was cut short to help out her legs) but it brought to mind a carnival. Overall, she seems too small, not of the right build, for such a large patterned jacket and what looked like short pants.

As I said before, I thought Richard Armitage hit it out of the park, especially with Reba. When not in his attic working on becoming, when out in the world, his walking and most physical movements  – maybe it’s just his awkwardness, the shy boy, whatever, I’m getting a John Standring vibe from  some of the physical acting – another sort pathetic outcast.

So, as I said, MORE RICHARD ARMTAGE, Please…

and what do you think of the poll?


6 thoughts on “Perry’s Further and Random Impressions of Hannibal S.3 Ep.9

  1. “Trust me. I’m smiling.” Creepiest line in the show. Sent a shiver up my spine.

    I agree somewhat that Hannibal is harder to understand than Francis, but I wonder (on my part only) if it’s because I’m listening more intently for Richard’s performance than I am for Mad’s.

    I noticed all the red in the show, too. Varying shades, almost like it is a character itself. Even in the momentary flashback to Grandmother’s dining table, the glimpse under the table of young Francis’ legs swinging morphing to present-day Francis, the red light seemed to emphasize his internal struggle.

    Considering that I was reluctant to watch the show (gore isn’t my thing), I’m really glad that I’m watching these episodes. (OK, watching is a relative term. Hands are covering eyes during all the dead people on beds and “here, cut up your father” scenes.) I did read Red Dragon, and surprisingly, really enjoyed Harris’ writing style. Seeing the way Fuller and his team are bringing it to life (so much like I imagined it) is awesome.


  2. I’m really enjoying this half of the season, and not just because of Richard. To echo some of your thoughts:
    * I think my favorite part these last two episodes has been the smooth blurring between what is actually happening and what is happening in the characters’ minds. Francis scenes and Hannibal prison scenes do this surprisingly well, but also Will and Molly talking on the phone.
    * Francis and Reba scenes are convincing. They have a strange sort of chemistry.
    * Mads’s acting has been great, although I have admired him throughout. He used to have an arrogance that has been replaced with loneliness and a bit of humility.
    * I’ve felt that Alana has never been fully formed as a character, but she especially makes little sense this season. Her look is interesting, and conveys what I think it is supposed to (empowerment). You don’t like her clothes, but I don’t like her severe hair and makeup.


  3. I’m not sure about Francis and Reba yet – but I like her character. I agree that Mads’ performance, or Hannibal’s reactions, are quite different this season, and a but sad. Not just his humiliation ( I’m not sure I see humility – but surely less arrogance), but his loss. For three years, he’s been superannuated and now he’s reactivated. Alana – I also agree about her hair and make-up. That not quite a side bun is interesting, but I don’t think severe. She looks like a flamenco dancer with hair and make-up. I agree, and there have been statements interviews, that a deliberate effort was made to dress her differently – more Hannibal-like. I just don’t think they chose the right clothes for her. I think there are better suited tailored suits or outfits around.


    • Alana’s hair would be great for a Flamenco dancer but strange for the director of a hospital prison. Perhaps not severe as much as too dramatic.

      I suppose next week we’ll see Reba with the tiger and that should decide whether or not the budding romance is convincing to you. I think Reba’s character wants to rescue Francis from his awkwardness arising from his disability. It is not unusual to come across this sort of need for nurturing in strong, confident women. Especially since Richard portrays vulnerability so well, and evokes from viewers the desire to reach out and help him. I buy it.

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  4. On the poll, you know how i feel 😉 Sadly i don’t think Mad’s diction has gotten any better, i only got some things the 3rd time round and that because i kept going back to try and catch it. I never had that problem with Dolarhyde at all. I think as soon as your ear gets used to the s sound which can tend toward le sounds it is actually clear, he also speaks rather slowly. So no problem there actually. He still enunciates very well so i can understand what he says. I was actually nodding along with Reba there when she said he speaks very well 🙂
    Alana’s clothes are definitely off compared to last season, tho even before she never reached the level of interesting Margot had going for her 🙂 Those pants were weird and i felt it was more of a summer British picnic outfit and not one for winter. She looks a bit reto a bit 20′ -30′ but for some reason it doesn’t work that well. I also don’t particularly like her attitude or interactions. I get it she;s in charge and some egoism is deserved after what she has been through, but she’s not a jot saner than the rest. Ill just say Verger baby, sorry but it is just ewwwww, is the money really worth prolonging those genes?? Like deliberately? ewwwww
    You are right about the spheres, globes, balls … i do wonder what they mean…. I am really not sure.
    Red however is clearly present, around the red dragon but also as a theme, it i almost as if when then can’t show blood.. not that that was missing in this episode either! .. they make even normal fruit go ‘bad’. She could have done apple pie! 😉 It had to be red gooey cherries 😉
    More thoughts to follow 🙂


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