Thanks a Lot Guylty Pleasure, For Sounding Out. (Hannibal Sound Design)

Guylty, via Twitter,brought me to this fascinating article about the music/sound design in Hannibal. Now I feel I need to go back to some earlier episodes, here and there, just to hear them at work, now with my deeper knowledge.


And in case you missed a really neat blog post on the music, check out this link.on SoundonSight.


4 thoughts on “Thanks a Lot Guylty Pleasure, For Sounding Out. (Hannibal Sound Design)

  1. Fascinating, isn’t it? I was pretty much blown away by Reitzell’s music, from the first trailer of Red Dragon. I love knowing the mechanics and reasons behind the soundscapes/compositions. And in Hannibal’s case, I think the music is so unobtrusive yet incredibly effective at heightening the sense of dread, fear and impending action.


  2. i always thought they had incredibly effective soundtracks, especially what sounded like percussion to me (which i guess balls hitting each other still are 😉 ) but it’s fascinating to know how they actually created them and how it increases the sensory experience. Funny the small rumbling sounds predicting something big 😉


    • Do you distinguish between sound track and the music that accompanies scenes, or are they one in the same? In most episodes, prior to The red Dragon, there’s quite a bit of classical music, including characters actually playing.


      • ah for me they are the same because i guess they think about sound for each episode as a unity, ie what would suit each scene, sometimes it is music as such , played by the characters even and sometimes it is just sound to trigger more of the atmosphere. I quite enjoyed the bits of classical music i have to say and am not really bothered by the association 😉 Image and sound blend incredibly well together , don’t you think?


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