Decider Review of Richard Armitage et al., – decidedly great


Thanks to Micra for the link.
More impressive still is Richard Armitage’s instant-classic work as Francis Dolarhyde — aka the Tooth Fairy, aka the Great Red Dragon — whom he doesn’t so much play as inhabit. In a recent interview, Armitage said he patterned his (so far entirely wordless) performance on Mica Levi’s avant-garde score for Jonathan Glazer’s art-house horror masterpiece Under the Skin. That a main character on a network television show would be based not a performance but the music from one of the most difficult and surreal horror films ever made is remarkable in and of itself. But beyond that, the connection makes perfect sense. Like Under the Skin, Red Dragon concerns an individual in the process of becoming: making, and perhaps unmaking, themselves into a creature driven to commit monstrous crimes. Armitage’s Dolarhyde stares at his own hands as if only now realizing not just their potential but their existence, and mouths formless syllables as if trying to construct not just speech but the meaning behind it

11 thoughts on “Decider Review of Richard Armitage et al., – decidedly great

  1. Great article. But one section had me going, “Huh?” “Frederic Chilton, who as played by Raul Esparza could quite convincingly pass himself off as Armitage/Dolarhyde’s twin brother”- didn’t see that! lol


    • I saw Raul Esparza in Company right around the same time I discovered Richard (late 2006), and saw a resemblance right away. Raul’s cheeks are fuller and his eyes are hazel, but his hair and his face from the cheeks up are very similar. In fact, back in the day, when I wanted someone to remake A Tale of Two Cities with Richard in the lead, I mentally cast Raul as Charles. (He’d need to grow about 5 inches though. Don’t know how to put a link on your page, but if you’re interested, here is a clip:

      When hitting the big note at the end, he looks like Guy of Gisborne shouting in rage in S3 Ep,1. 🙂


      • The link and video are in your comment. I just don’t see it. I think the head and face shape are different, the jaw and chin. But oh my – now I am thinking what it would be like to watch/hear Richard Armitage belt out a song like that.


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