Mistaking Richard Armitage for Fassbinder?


In this review, recap, the author states that she mistook Richard Armitage for Michael Fassbinder. That wasn’t her only mistake. She sources the photo below as “courtesy of NBC.”


I’ll be linking to some reviews as I see them, but not all. A few fail to mention Richard Armitage in any significant way. Many are still more focused on the old characters, and now and then, a few reviewers get things wrong.  One stated that The Red Dragon takes his victim’s teeth as trophies. I don’t recall that in the book and there was nothing about that in this episode. Another reviewer or re-capper explained that Francis Dolarhyde bought used teeth in a pawn shop. This mistake baffles me. Didn’t he see the patient sitting in the dentist’s chair in that scene? A third described Dolarhyde as wandering through the night, naked. Huh? I wouldn’t call his moonlit moment wandering through the night.

So, for links, look here only for the ones that interest me. For all of them, just put in a google search. I imagine they will trickle in shortly.


3 thoughts on “Mistaking Richard Armitage for Fassbinder?

  1. Thanks for the link. Funny how the reviewer used the wrong Red Dragon cap. By the way, the reviewer is a “he” not a “she” and it’s Fass- bend-er, not Fass-bind-er. 🙂


  2. Thanks – I guess I should be more careful when I talk about someone else’s mistakes. Do you think there’s a resemblance between Fassbender and Armitage?


    • other tan the blueish eyes.not really…
      And some mistakes hm…. if they haven’t read the book it is not impossible to get some stuff wrong, alot was implied rather than explained..


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