Well, @RCArmitage Survived and Thrived With Yaël Farber, so…


5 thoughts on “Well, @RCArmitage Survived and Thrived With Yaël Farber, so…

  1. RA’s women costars seem to embody the strong woman archetype–from Carol, to Margaret, to Gerry, to Marian, to Ros, and to Katie, etc. I like that about him–choosing roles wherein the lady costar is a partner/colleague and not an appendage.


  2. I don’t know how much real choosing was involved in some of those earlier roles, and he was in two films where there are no women. I don’t think strong women have figured into his equation, which doesn’t mean he isn’t comfortable with it. I don’t know if I consider Carol or Katie strong women. Margaret was headstrong, IMO, and not necessarily strong – though she was no appendage. Who’s Gerry?


  3. I think one thing is clear both in his choices of roles and what he has said about his acting: Richard is comfortable in roles that portray his character as vulnerable some of the time. In fact, I can’t really think of anything he has done where that was not the case (although perhaps Pilgrimage will prove an exception). And as a consequence, it is natural there would be some strong women co-stars in the mix to expose that vulnerability. In my opinion, both Carol and Margaret, like Richard’s corresponding characters, were a mix of strong and vulnerable.

    Regardless of roles, Richard seems to be attracted to working with talented people who have a strong and unique vision (e.g., Yael Farber, Peter Jackson, Bryan Fuller). He says he is starstruck by Cate Blanchett. He outwardly shows respect for his female co-stars. He speaks very proudly of his mother. I too get a sense he is comfortable working with strong women, at least from the glimpses we’ve seen in his professional life.


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