Pannibal Video, Courtesy of NBC


3 thoughts on “Pannibal Video, Courtesy of NBC

  1. I don’t know how he manages not to shout ‘It’s not Armitaj it’s pronounced Armatidge!

    Watching this left me pondering how much his fan base has changed and expanded over the years from those first ones on North and South.


    • As someone whose first and last names get butchered on a regular basis ( well, not butchered, but not pronounced correctly, because both my names are such that people simply “autocorrect” when they read them), I can tell you that one just gets used to it, and depends on the circumstances whether I then correct someone or not. This is getting long, but I had a neighbor for 16 years who pronounced my first name incorrectly, but the same mistake many others made. I never said anything for 16 years, because I was so used to the error, and then one day, I did correct her. She was absolutely livid – freaked out -because I allowed her to make the mistake for 16 years. Go figure.
      I think it safe to say his fan base has expanded in interested and age and genre fans, substantially since The Hobbit.


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