URBAN ! I Need that Dancing Gif !

The trailer for Urban and the Shed Crew is sooo tantalizing. Richard Armitage’s performance as Chop gives us a chance to see him in a wide range of moods and emotions. Something new, with more than a bit of comedy, having silly fun, as well as some poignant, wrenching, angry, sexy, moments.

Can’t wait to see it.

12 thoughts on “URBAN ! I Need that Dancing Gif !

  1. He and Fraser Kelly have great chemistry, and it will be cool to watch the interactions with a group of kids. This book and at least the trailer are to me a mix of political commentary about the plight of poor children and a feel-good story about how the kids didn’t turn out as badly as they could have. I’m wondering how the film will navigate between the positive and negative. Looking forward to seeing it.


  2. Chop wasn’t whitewashed in the book. He had his rough edges, and I am glad to see they are being kept in the film. Looking forward to this so much.


  3. I love the trailer and Chop made me cry. Surviving the movie won’t be easy. I loved the book so much, especially because Hare didn’t try to edulcorate the story, the kids don’t become angels, situation doesn’t become heaven. Chop is just able to let Urban survive, getting better than he woould have been if he didn’t care for the kids. But it’s not a fairy tale, there is no “happy ever after”.

    Here’s the dancing gifs ;.)


  4. Thanks for coming back online! I’ve been wanting to post/see comments on this trailer so bad. I love this trailer and watched it so many times. So many shots of RA and yes that dancing part made my heart swoon! The Passenger’s song as sound track is perfect for this trailer. I love Passenger’s songs and many of his songs would fit this movie well.


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  6. Sigh. Can we pause for a moment and ponder how young he looks here? Not gonna lie, although he takes my breath away most of the time (those eyes!), the longer hair and stubble is my favourite look on him. Sorry I just had to make that incredibly shallow remark. Apologies for the interruption. Please return to your adult discussion.


    • I love his long haired look too. In fact I love long haired look on men. Not everyone looks good with long hair though. Richard on the other hand looks good with any length of his natural hair (not the Monet wig).


  7. soso pleased to see this!!! Gives me massive hope that we will see this in the end! 🙂 And much more my cup of tea. Here’s crossing fingers this will finally get cinema distribution and DVD … soon! 🙂 Perfect music for the trailer too.


    • Por desgracia , creo que fue removido . Creo que no era el trailer oficial , pero un “show reel ” de los festivales de cine . Si estoy equivocado , alguien nos dirá . Does anyone know whether the Urban “Trailer” is available, or whether it was an official trailer?


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