New Projects: Richard Armitage’s “Irish” Project is Identified

here , a screenplay by Anne Marie Casey, adapted from a book by Angela Bourke.

2015 – BRIDGET CLEARY, a feature film adaptation of the book by Angela Bourke. Producer, Wildfire Films, Director, Jim O’Hanlon, starring Richard Armitage.

Micra picked this up from a tweet by @Chrissyinwm

10 thoughts on “New Projects: Richard Armitage’s “Irish” Project is Identified

  1. Excellent catch, and an interesting topic. He just followed Wildfire Films on Twitter, making it all even more public. I remain curious about his exact involvement beyond acting in pulling it together, given his many hints about it being “his” project.


  2. Wow. That is indeed dark material. Are we assuming he plays the role of Bridget’s husband Michael Cleary? If so, sounds like about as bad of a villain as F.D. but also sounds like a potentially fascinating and disturbing film.


  3. On Amazon, there is a very long “look inside” section that could even be the entire plot. Very dark and gruesome. I’m assuming he plays the role of the husband, although from the story, there is an ensemble of characters who have equal roles.


    • At first, I thought he could be playing the husband, but the fact that the character’s described as a young spouse on some pages makes me think it might be another role. Maybe the priest who influences the husband to take such a horrific final decision?


      • I don’t know about that, but he’s hot enough, it doesn’t matter if he’s technically “young” or “middle-aged”….The teenage girls on Twitter discuss often how they realize they are in love with someone old enough to be their father 🙂


        • I’m technically middle-aged (I’m nine months RA’s senior) and I consider myself young. I wasn’t questioning that or his appeal. I was only thinking of the age-gap of the real couple. Of course, we would probably find Michael Cleary- a thirtysomething from the nineteenth century- older than his real age if we were to use our twenty-first-century aesthetic standards.


  4. I thought I read he was in his 40’s. Maybe I’m getting him confused with his role in Summer, or maybe that was how old he was when he was released from prison. The wife is only about 26, I think.


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