Johnny’d B Good Again – though he might be Johnny Angel

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Perry didn’t get enough John Porter, yet,  how likely is it that (a) this new Chris Ryan book would make it to film or TV ( Okay – maybe very likely) or (b) that Richard Armitage would want to reprise his role, even if he could? Not as likely. I think maybe he’s moved on, though he’d have a hard time justifying his rejection of the role based on violence.

Still, a stint on a popular American Cable TV show, even Starz, is good exposure – but if it were in the same mold as the current version – not so sure he’s in that place anymore. And, they already did a Strike Back Origins ( our original Strike Back).

It must be a prequel.  It would be difficult to raise John Porter from the dead considering his end, and what seemed convincing evidence that just about everyone who knew him, believed the execution to be real . Would an undamaged John Porter be as complex as the damaged version?

I can dream that there’ll be a version as good as the first one, and that my John Porter gets dusted off, dons his uniform, and is brought back to me.

I can  dream that dream, and this one, too.

4 thoughts on “Johnny’d B Good Again – though he might be Johnny Angel

  1. Oh. my. goodness. I love me some John Porter….those original Strikeback missions were pretty non-specific in timing – is there such a thing as a “mid-quel” ? Angsty John Porter?! Bring it 🙂


  2. Porter has grown on me in recent times. No idea why, so I totally welcome this idea. But I am with you, Perry, on doubting the likelihood of Armitage taking the role. No offense to Porter, but it might look like a step back, somehow, even though I would loveloveLOVE it.

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  3. I find this very interesting, RA speculated that Chris Ryan might have used himself as the basis for John Porter because he imbued the character with so much detail. I shall read it, I liked the original novel okay it had flaws but it was an exciting read.


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