#BlogIntroChallenge Part 8 -Finishing Up


8. Which post was most difficult to write? Can’t answer because writing in the beginning as a novice blogger was more difficult than writing as an experienced blogger. So, “That Darn Tat” would be right up there. Right now, the most difficult post to write: actually 2, are ones not finished.

9. Which post do you regret writing? There were a number of posts in which the facts, the photos or the attribution, were mistakes. Recently, I posted what I thought was the first photo of Richard Armitage at the London premiere of BOTFA, and it turned out to be an older photo from another red carpet. I posted a photo (of a scene, not a person) taken by someone I know in RL who holds herself out as a photographer, and she was displeased. I thought it would be a nice thing to do for her. The image made it to Google with attribution. It was such a popular photo subject that I was able to replace it in 10 seconds, with a Google image – which by itself may be a comment on her creativity or lack thereof.

10. What do you find most difficult/challenging about blogging? Writing. And holding my tongue/self censorship.

11. Your favorite aspect of blogging Richard Armitage. Hitting “publish.”

12. How, if at all, has blogging changed your life? Not my style to answer this honestly and completely. Easy answer – I spend more time on the internet.

13. What have you learned from blogging? I may come back to this at some point. Again, an honest and complete answer would not be my style. Easy answer, a little bit about HTML, a little bit about photo editing, a lot about social media.

14. Your plans for your blogging future. To take more risks. To finish those draft posts. To be less lazy about blogging.

15. Any blogging role models? I’ve read several  definitions of  role model to make sure they comport with my own definition. The answer is that I have no blogging role models.

As Grati would say, ha! 

Here’s hoping the next post you see from me is the final version of one now in draft.

18 thoughts on “#BlogIntroChallenge Part 8 -Finishing Up

  1. Hehe, well, that was fast! (And I haven’t even been able to write Q3…) And I have a few challenge posts to catch up on because RL took over the last few days. Thanks for taking the challenge and for giving us an insight into your life as a blogger. My curiosity is (nearly) sated 😉


    • I’ve been wondering what happened to you in the challenge, and looking forward to reading more. Thanks for the idea, though, It benefited me in a number of ways BESIDES the obvious increase in hits and comments on older posts. Definitely a boost for stats. But it also gave me a chance to think about some things – not all of which I discussed, and, while scrolling through two years of posts, finding some I’d forgotten about, but really liked. These gave me a chance for some of my newer readers to read some of my earlier work.


      • All of that was intentional – apart from sating my curiosity. I just often wonder what my fellow bloggers think about their stats, are they as flabberghasted as me at some of the spikes, are they “offended” that a post they took particular care over never got the reception they hoped for, do they regret anything. The “whys” are always more interesting than the other Ws. And even though none of us here in Armitageworld blog for a living, there are interesting conclusions to be drawn from a deeper look at our blogging practices. Anyhow, I am glad if this was both entertaining and beneficial for you. Congrats – you can now paste that badge into your side menu 😉
        As for my own participation in the challenge, I have this hard-to-describe or -justify reluctance to blogging on a daily basis. More for vanity reasons than for time constraints. But I may bite the bullet with this one because I have a mini-holiday coming up and a few scheduled posts would be a good way of keeping the blog running 😉


      • Sounds good. I’m excited that Hannibal is finally starting, but sorry that we have a wait before the Red Dragon episodes. But it should give us plenty to talk about in the meantime.


      • Also, this is random, but I am currently 2/3 of the way through The Glass Virgin with a young Brendan Coyle at your recommendation — I am assuming this is what you meant.


        • You know, that title doesn’t sound familiar. Is it about a slightly older man and younger woman on the run, more or less, in rural, maybe 19th century England?


          • Yes, he’s 27 and she’s about 18. She finds out her parents aren’t who she thinks they are, is sort of abandoned by her family, and runs off with him. She was raised as a genteel lady, while he is working class. I finished watching. He was great as always, and it was otherwise well done, but I didn’t really like the story much. I felt the same about He Knew He Was Right, which was one of the other ones you listed from that weekend.


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  3. There’s another one, The Buccaneers ( not about buccaneers) that I didn’t much like, either, but it was part of that weekend. Also an earlier version of P & P, which I did like.


  4. I liked The Way we Live Now with Matthew Macfayden because it was quirky, even though it was by the same author as He Knew He Was Right. It also had the woman who was Moaning Myrtle in Harry Potter, and was in Frozen with Richard, and coincidentally, another lead actress played Elizaveta in Spooks with Richard. I like the BBC period pieces, particularly the ones that came after the 1995 Pride and Prejudice when they figured out they had a serious following. Three other ones I liked were the most recent Emma, Middlemarch and Wives and Daughters (also Elizabeth Gaskell — I read all her books and watched the adaptations after N&S) . I will look up the Duchess of Duke Street.


  5. Right – I recall that Frozen, HP actress, and I can never remember her name. She shows up sometimes in BBC series as an guest star,and I can never place her. I always think it’s because she appeared in something with Armitage, yet, Frozen never comes to mind. I also liked The Way We Live Now, I just don’t remember most of it, except the sister got the short end of the stick. Had no clue about the Elizabeta actress. Will have to watch again.Which is the most recent Emma? I had trouble with Middlemarch and never completed it.Wives and Daughters was part of that incredible weekend. Ah – Duchess of Duke Street. A long one. Many episodes, like the original Poldark. There is one other and I don;t remember the title – Lily something?


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