#BlogIntroChallenge -Part 4

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Rules here

4. What’s your favorite post?

See, this is a problem. This is my 2,222 post, and I’m to pick a favorite? Not possible. I could take the time to separate favorites into categories -favorite photo post ( still impossible) favorite review (more possible) favorite commentary, favorite caption, and on and on. I could select by popularity, but this is going to come into the answer to another question, and it’s not going to be pretty.

I’ve said before that I don’t think I have a particular voice, though maybe I have a niche. I thoroughly enjoy coming up with what I think are clever titles – I’m like The New York Post of the blogging world. Often, maybe too often, the Title is an essential part of my posts. It’s all I need to let you know my perspective on the issue, or maybe, it’s just funny – at least to me, or thought-provoking. Sometimes, few if any readers seem to “get” the title. I’m not sure about this one or this one. But I’m very sure about this latest one.

I’m unable to select a favorite post, but here are 5 out of  2,222 that I like a lot – although not all were popular:






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