Micra, This One’s For You – New Bryan Fuller Interview

Article here

Returning to your chief complicated hero/villain then, can we talk about that motorcycle jacket in the season three trailer? Are we about to meet Hannibal the action star?

We wanted to start season three with a ‘pop’ and I knew very early on that season three had to start with Hannibal Lecter in a coal Belstaff motorcycle jacket riding a great Hog through the streets of Paris.

( so it turns out the first murder we see is no longer a Dolarhyde murder? Oh well, not important)

4 thoughts on “Micra, This One’s For You – New Bryan Fuller Interview

    • Yes, and in previous, much earlier interviews, he seemed to say that this crime will turn out have been committed by the tooth fairy. But now he seems to be saying that the storyline didn’t actually fit into the Red Dragon.

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  1. Ahhhhh a Belstaff jacket makes everything better! I’d have preferred Dolarhyde in it, but oh well.
    They apparently re-wrote Red Dragon story and the first murder S01E01 didn’t fit in the new plot. It’s better, I think, so his story is totally fresh. Can’t wait to see Richard as Dolarhyde.

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