Woo Hoo ! Pilgrimage Will Be At Cannes, Sort of.

Variety here. Pilgrimage to Have International Distribution.

One just never knows how things will shake out. Still no word about Urban and the Shed Crew at Cannes; but who expected this? Of course it’s not finished, so there can;t be any showing. In fact, I don’t understand the whole thing, but I think it’s good.


XYZ is handling sales at Cannes for “Pilgrimage” and “6 Days,” a political action-thriller which starts production next month with “The Dead Lands” director Toa Fraser.

Thanks to Micra for this link.

6 thoughts on “Woo Hoo ! Pilgrimage Will Be At Cannes, Sort of.

  1. I think it’s current business in the movie industry and if an unfinished version is shown, it would be a private one. I’m still bummed “Urban and the Shed Crew” still doesn’t feature in Cannes. :((


    • Welcome, rivendellbelle. It is finished, but we heard it had been submitted to Cannes, but it didn’t make any of the competitions, and we haven’t heard whether it’ll appear there at all.


  2. I can’t imagine they could show more than a trailer of Pilgrimage at Cannes, since it is due to film until end of May or early June. But it is great to keep reading these things that make Pilgrimage sound like a major film. Urban and Sleepwalker seem like much smaller films by comparison.


    • True. Very disappointed that Urban hasn’t gotten much PR and didn’t make Cannes. But who knows? I think RA’s profile has been enhanced lately, so maybe that’ll be an additional selling point.


      • Yes, after this last Hobbit movie, Richard has seemingly become a “star”, and I think the turn in Hannibal will make him a bigger star, at least in the US. So, hopefully that will help Urban. I think Sleepwalker will be ok, one way or the other, because it has a lot of known actors in it and sounds like a compelling story. If Nightingale’s run on HBO goes well, then perhaps it will bring Sleepwalker along with it. Urban might do ok in the UK where Richard is well known, but I’m not optimistic it will make it to other markets (and the political message may not appeal to everyone). We’ll see. But meanwhile we have Hannibal coming out soon, and three movies in the works.


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