Spooks Article on Reprising Characters – In Case You’ve Forgotten

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Then there is Richard Armitage who has gone on to do so well…” When asked if he is likely to come back, the response was rather tantalisingly ambiguous. “Well, we just saw a hand didn’t we? Who knows? He’s doing so incredibly well and he’s got lots of things lined up. So yes, I can see some actors stepping back into it further down the line

8 thoughts on “Spooks Article on Reprising Characters – In Case You’ve Forgotten

  1. Oh, I got disgusted and stopped watching in the third to the last episode of S9 when the writing got so silly. But I do plan to finish it because I have heard Richard was excellent in spite of the flaws in the story. I know more or less what happened from reading what other people have written about it but not about a hand. Is it something that leaves the door open for him to return?


    • Not likely, but not impossible. That was the shot we saw after he jumped off a roof, committing suicide. We think. Actually, that shot was not in the actual episode, but in the very beginning of the next one.


  2. I, too, was underwhelmed with the Spooks writers exit they gave Lucas and RA. So, I gave Lucas a base jumping parachute in my fan fic “Lucas, True North” that I’m still writing but I had published an excerpt previously. Basically, he sprains his ankle then goes in search of “he truth”. Ha!

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      • Thanks for your note! My ficlet I wrote inspired me to expand my story about Lucas. Though I have yet to serialize the expansion. Ha!

        I also thought the Lucas personality change was bizarre in Spooks 9–total lack of plot/character continuity. Of course, Richard Armitage made it work through his brilliant character portrayal. But still, Lucas and RA didn’t deserve that ending.


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